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Executice Director, SOWC


May 4, 2016

Reports to (Job Title): Vice-President, Research
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): None
Department: Office of Research - SOWC


Main Campus


USG 15
35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

The Southern Ontario Water Consortium (SOWC) is a dynamic initiative for research, testing and demonstration of innovative water and wastewater technologies and services with multiple post-secondary, government, non-government and private sector partners. The Executive Director (ED) is responsible to the Vice-President Research, University of Waterloo and to the Advisory Board of SOWC. The ED is the senior manager and administrator of the SOWC responsible for business leadership, partnership development, financial management and day-to-day operations.

Key Accountabilities:


Promoting and facilitating use of platform

  • Ensure the ongoing function, availability and integration of facilities created by SOWC that are owned by partner institutions; support the utilization and sustainability of all facilities.
  • Ensure that appropriate financial resources along with administrative and technical support are provided by partner post-secondary institutions.
  • Responsible for outreach and interaction with industry clients of SOWC and working closely with partner administration to ensure that projects are initiated and executed in a timely manner


Fostering industry, academic, and government partner interaction

  • Manage external relationships, including development and nurturing of new relationships with non-government, government and corporate partners, and tracking outcomes.
  • Target and cultivate new opportunities for collaboration and partnership for all aspects of SOWC
  • Cultivate incoming expressions of interest to engage with the Platform and work directly with the relevant partners to develop collaborative opportunities and contracts


Managing and coordinating internal communications

  • Develop and promote the SOWC brand
  • Assist in developing a professional portfolio of marketing communications tools (e.g., brochures, presentations, newsletters)
  • Manage content for the SOWC website
  • Deliver presentations to corporations, government and industry
  • Media management (e.g., press releases, media inquiries, etc.)
  • Coordinate and participate in site visits, outreach events and conferences


Communications and associated tools

  • Responsible for facilitating and promoting active communication within a complex network of researchers and staff from 10 post-secondary institutions, a secretariat staff team, and various committees and boards


Managing all funding applications relevant to SOWC

  • Responsible for leading the development, submission and implementation of any funding proposals on behalf of SOWC including major funding applications directly submitted on behalf of UW and partner institutions
  • Support partner institutions in initiating and developing external funding applications and/or providing letters of support


Executing Ontario Water Commercialization Project/Advancing Water Technologies funding program

  • Overseeing all aspects of project/program implementation on behalf of UW and SOWC’s partner institutions, including administration of a grant program of $12m with up to 80 sub-projects.  



Managing all reporting requirements

  • Coordinating and supporting UW (as applicable) in providing all necessary reporting to external funding agencies
  • Responsible for coordinating the reporting of activities and income by partner post-secondary institutions and private sector collaborators.


Personnel supervision

  • Responsible for personnel employed within the secretariat


Fiscal responsibilities

  • Responsible for the general oversight of SOWC finances, which will include budgeting, and ensuring that expenses are within budget
  • Provide regular financial reports to the Vice-President, Research and to the Advisory Board



  • Managing all aspects of quarterly meetings of the Advisory Board
  • Chair of Platform Management Committee
  • Ex-officio member of Industry Advisory Committee and any other advisory committees

Position Requirements


Bachelor’s Degree (Related advanced degree is desirable.



MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other





Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Must have excellent communications, negotiation, influencing skills and exercise professionalism when interacting with internal and external stakeholders.

Level of Responsibility:

Responsible for overall business leadership, partnership development, financial management and day-to-day operations of SOWC.

Decision-Making Authority:

Chief decision-maker within SOWC with occasional approval required from Vice-President, Research, University of Waterloo.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Requires physical effort which may result in moderate fatigue, strain or injury, as a substantial amount of time is spent sitting at a keyboard doing repetitive keyboard/mouse movement. Sensory demands are high as concentration and attentiveness to detail are imperative.

Working Environment:

Office-based with frequent travel in southern Ontario and occasional international travel.