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Client Service Coordinator

Date: May 1, 2016
Reports to (Job Title): Manager, Science Computing
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): None
Department: Science Computing




25 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

Responsible for coordinating and facilitating the Science Faculty’s front-line IT support services in keeping with Science’s User Support Management procedures.  Assume complete responsibility for Science’ Service Desk area, communications, training and support.  Perform software installations and configurations to correct hardware problems.  Take a leadership role in investigating and development of specific client services.  Provide support for other staff in non-routine, complex problem areas.

Key Accountabilities:


Provides a Service Desk environment to deliver front-line IT support services to clients in the Faculty of Science.

  • Maintains and manages a Service Desk environment that serves as a location for live inquiries about IT-related problems
  • Responsible for Service Desk-client interaction from first contact to issue resolution.
  • Serves as the first point of contact with the client and determines the supportability of the issue
  • Determines if an issue can be resolved unaided or if an appropriate specialist should be enlisted.
  • Documents service-related information.


Incident resolver

  • Diagnoses, investigates and resolves IT issues by applying fixes or workarounds.  This can often include troubleshooting with the potential for escalation to other Science Computing staff or appropriate on-campus or external units
  • Performs a technical support role both in the Service Desk environment.



Incident coordinator

  • Responsible for the incident from beginning to end and oversees all related incident requests. This is a specialized role that is particularly important when coordinating security incidents.


Problem analyst

  • Determines and resolves the underlying root causes of issues by the analysis of the incident lists or reports. They will often manage the implementation of corrective and preventative measures to prevent or mitigate risk of reoccurrences.



Customer service manager

  • With their manager, will help to oversee customer service and is accountable for achieving the goals of the support organization.  These goals are to maintain business productivity, increase value added by Science Computing, to improve business functionality, competitiveness and efficiency.



Communication and teaching

Create and deliver communications from the Science Computing Office.  These communications may be in the form of:

  • Web or e-mail communications of outages or changes to policies or procedures with regards to hardware, software, networking, etc. to relevant user subgroups.
  • Advertising and delivery of workshops and/or presentations to users in Science on computing-related topics of interest, eg. Checklists for new users, previews of new operating systems or productivity software.


Engages in development activities that enhance the position’s ability to lend support and coverage to the rest of the Science Computing Office


  • Acquires and maintains a working knowledge of the following topics relevant to Science Computing:
    • Student Computing Environment
    • Staff and Faculty Computing Environment
    • Faculty Linux/Windows Servers
    • Faculty Virtual Server Environment Network Administration
    • Distance education, presentation, research and other custom support
    • Other duties and roles, as assigned by the Manager, Science Computing.


Position Requirements








MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
word excel powerpoint other

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:


 Groups or Associations

Level of Responsibility:

Decision-Making Authority:

Physical and Sensory Demands:

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