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Director, Campus Wellness

Date: December, 2013
Reports to (Job Title): Associate Provost, Students
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles):

Director, University Medical

Director, Counselling and Psychological Services

(TBD) Director, Wellness Administration            

(TBD) Director, Wellness Education and Programs
Location: Main Campus

USG 19

35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

The Director, Campus Wellness is accountable to the Associate Provost, Students. The mission of this position is strategic leadership for the planning, development, implementation, evaluation, operational management and administration of all uWaterloo health, wellness and mental health programs and services within Health Services and Counselling and Psychological Services. The position has responsibility for effective team collaboration and service integration and consequent smooth, client- centered delivery of programs and services to students, staff and faculty. Campus wellness and wellbeing, student personal and academic success are the position’s fundamental focus.

Key Accountabilities:

1.  Leadership and Strategic Direction:

Provides overall leadership, management and administration for all uWaterloo health, wellness and mental health programs and services within the departments of Health Services and Counselling and Psychological Services.


2.  Planning and Assessment:

Provides operational and strategic planning direction with the intended outcome of optimal health and wellness, mental health and personal well-being of students. Planning responsibilities includes development, implementation and evaluation of programs and services with an ongoing focus on delivering the best evidence-based services to clients. These responsibilities include delegating, through appropriate staff leaders, needs assessments, programs and services evaluations and compatible strategic and operational planning initiatives.


3.  Community Development Related to Campus Wellness:

Responsible for maintaining strong, viable and effective working relationships with all university and local community partners in the interest of smooth and effective wellness programs and services delivery to uWaterloo students, staff and faculty.  Partners in the community include agencies such as Grand River Hospital, the Waterloo-Wellington Local Health Integration Network and the Canadian Mental Health Association. Within the campus community, the D, CW is responsible for maintaining and strengthening communications and partnerships with the university senior administration, associate deans, faculty, Housing and Residences, AccessAbility Services, the Student Success Office and uWaterloo Police Services. In provincial, national and international contexts, the D, CW fosters and maintains communications and relationships with wellness administrators in other post-secondary institutions through various forms of networking opportunities, including participation in professional conferences.


4.  Staff Development:

Provides the strategic leadership for acquiring the appropriate human resources to deliver world class programs and services. Facilitates the ongoing development of the health and wellness professionals through continuing education and coaching/mentorship arrangements. The director is a role model for all staff in the pursuit of learning, encouraging the ongoing search for both cutting-edge and evidence-tested knowledge and practices in health, wellness, mental health and student affairs. Ensures and facilities a healthy, collaborative, and mutually supportive work environment for all campus wellness staff.


5.  Directing Accountability:

Directs staff alignment to the mission, vision, culture, values and strategic priorities of the organization. Ensures that all operations of the wellness service delivery units are student-centric, collaborative and focused on enhancing access and availability of services.  Prevention and health promotion are emphasized as key objectives in the challenge to serve all uWaterloo students. The D, CW role encompasses responsiveness to the challenges and opportunities afforded by a very diverse student population.


6.  Budget and Resources Management:

Oversees, through the Director of Wellness Administration, the campus wellness budget and medical services billing.  Also, responsible for maximizing the operational efficiencies through appropriate scheduling and deployment of staff resources.



7.  People Management:

Responsible for staff performance management including hiring, salary administration, promotions and reclassifications. The D, CW exercises skill in the management relationship with all staff providing productive, safe and stress-buffered working environments.

Position Requirements


Completion of at least an MD or a Master’s Degree or equivalent in a related field (e.g., health care management/administration, public health, clinical/applied psychology, social work, nursing); registration, certification or licence from an appropriate College or certification organization governed by the Regulated Health Professions Act.


Management experience in a health and/or mental health care setting with a proven record of achievement and success; experience as a clinician and/or manager in a university or college setting is beneficial and preferred; competencies will include strategic thinking, integration of services, teambuilding, change management and facilitation, interpersonal, organizational and communication skills; demonstrated competency managing a large complex budget process; experience and knowledge of relevant legislation and ethical guidelines especially related to protection of privacy and human rights.



Familiarity with the use of electronic records systems in a health care or university setting; significant competency with ER systems is beneficial; basic computing skills; experience with conducting and utilizing applied heath care research is beneficial.              


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Basic Basic Basic Not required

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Internally, this position interacts regularly with senior administrators in all academic support departments, including Registrar’s Office, IST, Student Success Office, AccessAbility Services, CECS, Campus Police, Athletics, Food Services, Human Resources, associate deans and all faculty or faculty representatives, when appropriate. 

Externally, this position interacts with officials in local municipalities, Region of Waterloo, provincial agencies, other Ontario Universities/Colleges, local community leaders and the local programs, services and agencies in the health, mental health and wellness community.


The D, CW is responsible for developing and maintaining strategic working relationships in all these areas in order to fulfill the primary purpose of the position.

Level of Responsibility:

This position is responsible and accountable for the development, execution and evolution of all health, mental health and wellness-related strategy, operations related to the uWaterloo community and all of its stakeholders.

Decision-Making Authority:

This position has final decision-making authority for all items outlined above.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Minimal demands typical of a senior position operating within an office environment.

Working Environment:

Exposed to stress and pressure associated with senior level responsibilities. Involves moderate psychological risk resulting from unavoidable exposure to hazardous, disagreeable or uncomfortable environmental conditions. There may be unusual hours or schedules, multiple and/or tight deadlines beyond one's control, and constant interruptions (e.g. phone calls, e-mails and unplanned but urgent support requests, varying student volume).