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Learning Environment Supervisor

Department: IST, Instructional Technologies and Multimedia Services Group Effective Date: July 4, 2013

USG 13

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Director, ITMS

General Accountability

This position reports to the Director, ITMS. The Learning Environment Supervisor is responsible for overseeing day-to day service operations and staff supervision in ITMS’s Learning Environment (LE) group, and for support responsibilities of his/her own. The Supervisor works closely with the Director on planning for the LE area.

The technology-enabled learning systems supported by this area are available to the entire Waterloo community. The LE support team works collaboratively with other groups in IST, and with other Waterloo groups that support technology-enabled learning, in particular the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) and Centre for Extended Learning (CEL),  and also the Library, Bookstore, the Faculties, and other departments.

Nature and Scope

ITMS is responsible for supporting people in their use of central teaching and learning facilities. Its mandate is to maintain and evolve those facilities, and to offer technical assistance and services, in order to help enhance course content and delivery, in the classroom and online. In this provisioning and support role, ITMS collaborates with other IST groups and related areas such CEL, CTE, Cooperative Education and Career Action (CECA), Communication and Public Affairs (CPA), and the Library. As workloads and policies permit, ITMS supports non-instructional uses of the srevices.

Within this ITMS mandate, the Learning Environment Supervisor provides manages the LE staff members in their day to day work. The position requires delegation and supervision skills, planning and leadership skills, communication skills, and ability to effectively manage the tasks and responsibilities within their respective areas of responsibility. The Supervisor has on-going responsibilities for assigned staff, including assignment of work, performance reviews, recommendations for hiring, promotions, reclassifications, and disciplinary issues. The Supervisor must exercise tact and diplomacy in directing the work of professionals and allocate their assignments so as to create a productive work environment and career opportunities. The Supervisor co-operates with IST management on general issues of IST staffing, career paths and staff mobility within and among groups, the establishment of procedures and standards, monitoring staff performance and focusing staff efforts on University goals in response to changes in technology, the University environment, and IST priorities.

The Supervisor also must have technical expertise for his/her unit and be prepared to spend significant effort in technical initiatives, in addition to supervision duties. LE’s areas of responsibilities include:

The Supervisor must establish and maintain the respect and confidence of the IST management team and of those responsible for related facilities and services in technology-enabled learning support units throughout the university, and must work closely with them to support their efforts. The Supervisor will help evaluate relevant new technologies. The Supervisor must be familiar with, comply with, and promote the University's policies related to information systems and technology.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

LE supervisor duties include:


Working Conditions

The work is varied and fast paced. Tasks must be prioritized with timely and accurate results. Most duties are performed at a workstation; however, it may be necessary to work at locations on and off campus. The incumbent must accommodate, on an infrequent basis, work outside the normal operating hours as necessary.