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Faculty Financial Officer

Department: Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Effective Date: March 8, 2013

USG 10

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Executive Officer

General Accountability

The Faculty Financial Officer is accountable to the Executive Officer in the Faculty and is responsible for providing essential financial services to ensure all financial activity in the Faculty follows proper accounting practices and conforms to the University’s policies and procedures.  In addition, this position will include providing data for strategic and financial planning and management.  The Officer will also be an important facilitator for the Administrative Assistants in the departments/schools/centres and researchers in the Faculty which will involve training as well as providing financial assistance.  The incumbent will work closely with the Executive Officer and Finance, as well as Institutional Analysis and Planning, Office of Development and Alumni Affairs and other supportive areas on campus.  The individual must have a good working knowledge of policies and procedures to provide guidance on general day-to-day operations.

Nature and Scope

The Faculty of Applied Health Sciences is one of six Faculties at the University of Waterloo with a variety of diverse and exciting teaching, research and service objectives.  It is comprised of three academic units: School of Public Health and Health Systems, Kinesiology and Recreation and Leisure Studies.  In addition, the Faculty is home to several large and active research groups such as Propel, Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging, and Canadian Index of Wellbeing.   The Faculty has 58 full-time professors and 176 staff members with a budget in excess of $10 million.    Applied Health Sciences is home to 2,000 undergraduate students, 600 graduate students and about 10,000 alumni.


The university has six unique and separate funds within its accounting structure. A complex set of accounting rules are in place to determine how activity is tracked in each of these funds.  Externally imposed restrictions determine how money is segregated and spent and transfers between funds are subject to stringent rules.


Teaching and administrative activities are generally supported by government grants and tuition fees.  Private sector donations support other initiatives including scholarships.  The major source of revenue for research comes from government and corporations in the form of grants and contracts.  However, other funding sources such as matching programs, operating budget contributions and other private sector support create a complex research accounting environment.


The incumbent is responsible for the financial project management of research activity.  Typically a researcher will hold many research projects, with multiple funding sources.  The challenge for the incumbent is to ensure that all procedures have been followed and that all internal and external accountabilities are met.  University research activity is subject to university policies and procedures as well as those imposed externally by granting agencies.  Failure to adhere to such policies could jeopardize the university’s research funding and reputation.


He/she is to improve financial processes and promote strong internal financial controls within the Dean’s office and other departments within the Faculty.  University financial activity is tracked through the Oracle Financial system.  A web-reporting environment, FORE (Financial On-line Reporting Environment) is available to assist with project management.  The incumbent works closely with Finance to ensure that accounting methodology and procedures are well understood and followed.


The incumbent must develop productive working relationships with researchers, departmental administrative assistants, student organizations within Applied Health Sciences, Finance, Office of Research, Procurement and Contract Services, Office of Development and other areas on campus in pursuit of his/her duties.

Statistical Data

Total 2009/10 operating budget                           $10 M

Research funds for 2011/12                    $12 M

Undergraduate students                                         2000

Graduate students                                      600

Specific Accountabilities

Financial Strategy




Financial Planning, management and control



Management and Control of Trust & Endowment Accounts




Management and Control of Research Finance Accounts



Management and Collaboration at University Level




Strategic Planning




Significant Internal and External Relationships:

Dean, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Executive Officer

Chairs/Directors, Associate Deans

Administrative Assistants


Human Resources

Information Analysis and Planning

Office of Research

Financial administrators in the other faculties

Graduate awards office

Undergraduate awards office

Co-op Education and Career Services

Student Association

Working Conditions