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Industrial Liaison Officer, the Water Institute

Department: Office of Research, the Water Institute Effective Date: January, 2013

USG 11

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Managing Director, the Water Institute

General Accountability

Reporting to the Managing Director of the Water Institute, the Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO) is responsible for establishing, managing and maintaining the Water Institute’s External Partners Program (EPP).   Through the EPP, the ILO will establish and maintain strategic relationships with organizations external to the university, including those in the private sector, the public sector, the research community and civil society, with a particular interest in water research and education.  The ILO will also promote the EPP to Waterloo researchers and support them in developing partnerships with external organizations.  The ILO will have a relevant undergraduate or graduate degree and significant industry experience with existing networks in the water sector.

The ILO position requires:

The ILO will work in close collaboration with the Water Institute administration, Water Institute faculty members, Office of Research staff, Development staff and Faculty Development Officers.

Nature and Scope

The University of Waterloo is recognized as one of Canada's research-intensive Universities and has a long and successful track record of research partnership with industry and other collaborating partners. Waterloo has a long tradition of excellence in water research and education and, in 2009, established the Water Institute to “facilitate excellence in research, education and innovation in water science, technology, management and governance”.  The Institute’s goal is to increase Waterloo’s profile as a centre of excellence in water through promoting interdisciplinary research, facilitating partnerships and supporting the development of interdisciplinary teaching programs.  Currently the Water Institute includes about 130 researchers from across all six university academic faculties (Applied Health Sciences, Arts, Engineering, Environment, Mathematics and Science).

Faculty members of the Water Institute are responsible for water research and education programs that are diverse, and collectively comprehensive, with core disciplinary expertise in areas such as:

Water research and education at the University of Waterloo is strongly focused on solving practical problems, and many of our researchers have close associations with industry and other external organizations.  To help build on these traditional strengths, the Water Institute is launching the EPP with the particular purpose to:

The ILO will have primary responsibility for implementing, managing and maintaining the EPP.

Statistical Data

Not applicable.

Specific Accountabilities

External Partners Program


Other Duties


Working Conditions