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Office Assistant

Date: June, 2012                             Grade:  USG 4
Reports to (Job Title): Executive Assistant
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): None
Location: Main Campus

Primary Purpose

Performs a range of administrative tasks that contribute to the efficient running of the department and activities.

Key Accountabilities:

Facilitate day to day activities of the department including:


 Back-up Support


 Financial Management


 Other Administrative Functions, including but not limited to:

Position Requirements


College diploma or equivalent education or experience



MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Average Average Average Experience with Sharepoint, Microsoft Access r

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

The Office Assistant is a clear and positive verbal communicator, who pays excellent attention to detail, is calm and organized during busy, changing or challenging times, and has a service orientation. Writing and organizational skills are key, as are managing conflicting priorities.

Level of Responsibility:

The Administrative Assistant performs no direct supervision of others: The job has a mix of defined specialized and routine tasks and unusual or one-time requests. The Administrative Assistant provides co-worker support through back-up of other Administrative Assistants.


Problem solving


The Office Assistant provides guidance and problem-solving support to Department staff on a wide range of issues which may include interpretation of UW policies and procedures. Provides solutions to administrative and general operational problems, as appropriate.
Arranges for repair of things damaged or not working in the facility.

Financial Accountability

Responsible for the administration and reconciling of a P-card, which is mainly used for transactions related to office supplies. The Office Assistant may also use a purchasing card to register managers at various administrative functions.


Internal and External Contacts


There is constant contact with individuals at all levels from inside and outside the University, including: local and national businesses and corporations, federal and provincial government offices, senior administrators, faculty, staff and students.  It is important that the Office Assistant respond in a helpful and timely manner, maintaining professionalism, and strict confidentiality at all times.


Decision-Making Authority:

Physical and Sensory Demands:

This role requires exertion of physical or sensor effort resulting in slight fatigue, strain or risk of injury

Working Environment:

This role involves minimal physical or psychological risk resulting from unavoidable exposure to hazardous, disagreeable or uncomfortable situations. The role may involve irregular and/or high volumes and multiple and/or tight deadlines beyond one's control (e.g. supporting 6 people with conflicting and overlapping requirements; calendaring conflicts; urgent/immediate issues with students and employers), and constant interruptions due to phone calls and e-mails.