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Administrative Assistant - InterRAI Canada

Department: School of Public Health and Health Systems Effective Date: June 1, 2012


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Professor/Principal Investigator, interRAI Canada

General Accountability

The Administrative Assistant reports to the Professor/Principal Investigator and is responsible for ensuring the smooth and efficient management of all administrative, financial, and human resource operations, facilities and equipment, liaison with staff and students, and other administrative functions as required to support the teaching, learning and research missions of the interRAI Canada research group within the School of Public Health and Health Systems, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences.

The Administrative Assistant must be knowledgeable about University of Waterloo policies and procedures and their implementation as they relate to the functioning of the research group.

Nature and Scope

The Organization


The interRAI Canada currently has funding for three major research projects: “Innovations in Data, Evidence and Applications for Persons with Neurological Conditions (ideas PNC)” and “Safety at Home: a Pan-Canadian Home Care Safety Study” and “Home Care Chair and Knowledge Exchange”. They are scheduled to continue until March 2013, March 2015 and September 2012, respectively. There is the possibility of renewal and/or of the Principal Investigator receiving other funding which should allow research staff to retain their positions.


The research projects are all collaborative efforts with teams of researchers, clinicians, and policy makers from across Canada and internationally.  The projects will provide vital information for health policy in Canada, will train young researchers, and will substantially elevate the level of expertise among Canadian policy-makers and clinicians in the areas of care needs for persons with neurological conditions, home care and safety in home care.  At the project site, the staffing complement will consist of the Principal Investigator, Data Manager, Research Associates, Educator and Field Coordinator, Knowledge Exchange Associate, Administrative Assistant, computing support staff, graduate students and other staff.


Significant Internal Relationships:



Significant External Relationships:


Statistical Data

The current interRAI Canada project builds on the success of previous research including the Resident Assessment Instrument – Health Informatics Project, ideas for Primary Care, ideas for Mental Health and CAN-STRIVE projects.

Specific Accountabilities



Human Resources







Working Conditions