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Marketing & Recruitment Specialist - Science

Date: April, 2016
Reports to (Job Title): Manager, Communications – Marketing & Undergraduate Recruitment
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): Associate Dean Undergraduate Studies – Faculty of Science
Department: Registrar's Office - Marketing & Undergraduate Recruitment


Main Campus


35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

Embedded within, functionally reports to, and receives strategic direction and enrolment management undergraduate recruitment goals from the Faculty of Science (Science), and reports directly to and receives support, expertise, and resources from the Marketing & Undergraduate Recruitment (M&UR) unit of the Registrar’s Office (RO); responsible for establishing and managing the process and framework by which Science meets its overall undergraduate recruitment enrolment management goals, including developing an integrated Science Undergraduate Recruitment Operations Plan and conducting research and analysis to inform specific strategies, key messaging, and positioning in the plan. Plays a key role in engaging and educating Science faculty, staff, students, and alumni with respect to undergraduate recruitment enrolment management, thus having a significant impact on the successful achievement of institutional enrolment management, retention, and undergraduate recruitment revenue goals.  Collaborates with other key roles within the Faculty of Science to ensure awareness and integration of Faculty branding/positioning and overall strategic priorities regarding enrolment management.

Key Accountabilities:

1.Responsible for providing expertise in enrolment management, undergraduate recruitment, and the application of marketing and communication principles to Science undergraduate student recruitment strategies

2.  Responsible for developing a research-based Science Undergraduate Recruitment Operations Plan aligned with the Science enrolment management goals, including print, web, and new media strategies

3. Collaborates, advises, and consults

4.  Understands and applies current, relevant market research and institutional knowledge

 5.Project manages work flow and business practices

Assumes project management and problem-solving responsibilities for all initiatives, including personnel, resources, time, and budget, ensuring proper monitoring and control of expenditures that result in the prudent use

 6.  Other

Position Requirements


Bachelor’s degree in communications or marketing, or communications-related discipline; science education an asset



MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Advanced Intermediate

Presentation software, e.g., PowerPoint, Prezi


Other: Social media platforms;

web software, e.g., CMS, Drupal; Adobe Creative Suite or similar



Other: Quantitative and qualitative research and analysis



Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Internally, communicates with a wide range of departments and groups and at all levels to ensure the successful development, implementation, and integration of the Science Undergraduate Recruitment Operations Plan and associated communications strategies; externally, communicates with a wide variety of audiences to deal with, influence, and motivate others to achieve Science enrolment management, retention, and revenue goals.

Level of Responsibility:

Project manages a faculty-wide function or process for the successful creation and execution of effective marketing and recruitment strategies that are consistent with overall Science enrolment management goals and are implemented within the context of UWaterloo marketing and communication activities, ensuring the high quality and accuracy of all initiatives, thus safeguarding the UWaterloo reputation and contributing to the achievement of institutional enrolment management, retention, and revenue goals.

Decision-Making Authority:

Continually makes decisions about the most effective methods of creating and operationalizing the Science Undergraduate Recruitment Operations Plan, including market research and analysis, organization of resources, personal interactions and collaboration, work flow, consultation, budget, and other key accountabilities; determines the optimal course of action to solve problems and to exert a positive influence on other stakeholders.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Minimal demands typical of a position operating within an office environment; periods of extensive sitting and concentrated use of visual senses.

Working Environment:

Minimal exposure to disagreeable conditions typical of a position exposed to stress and pressure associated with project-management-level responsibilities; intermittent work outside the normal operating hours of the institution and occasional travel.