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ITC Finance and Grant Manager

Department: Psychology Effective Date: September, 2012


35 hr/wk

Reports to: ITC Administrative Manager

General Accountability

The ITC Finance and Grant Administrator is responsible for the ITC Project’s financial accounting and reporting, as well as coordinating all grant applications and awards submitted on behalf of the project. He/she is accountable to the ITC Project’s Principal Investigator and to the ITC Administrative Manager. The incumbent takes direction, on a day-to-day basis, from the ITC Administrative Manager, working within the financial administrative structure of the University of Waterloo’s Department of Psychology and the Faculty of Arts. 

Nature and Scope

The International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation (ITC) Project is an international collaboration of tobacco control researchers across 23 countries. Its mission is to evaluate the behavioural and psychosocial impacts of national-level tobacco control policies of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), the first-ever international treaty on health.  The ITC Project consists of longitudinal cohort surveys of large, probability samples of smokers in 23 countries so far: Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, China, Mexico, Uruguay, New Zealand, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bhutan, Mauritius, India, Zambia, Kenya, and Nigeria.  The resulting ITC database consists of data collected over time from these countries, and is substantial in size and complexity.

Funding sources for the ITC Project include the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the U.S. National Cancer Institute/National Institutes of Health (NIH), Ontario Institute of Cancer Research, Cancer Research UK, National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia, as well as other governmental and foundation sources throughout the 23 ITC countries. Fiscal years for the many funding sources are variable throughout the year.  In addition, through these grants, we support the research work in most ITC countries either through institutional sub-grants or by direct support for fieldwork costs.

The ITC Project at the University of Waterloo is directed by Dr. Geoffrey Fong (Department of Psychology), who is also the ITC Project’s Principal Investigator. Additional leadership and support is provided by Dr. Mary Thompson, Director of the Data Management Centre (DMC), and other faculty members and staff.

Statistical Data

Statistical DataData (as of January 30, 2012)

ITC Project Research Grants                  29

Student Grants                                        5

Annual Value of Grants                           $4 million

Sub-grants to other institutions                17


Full-time UW faculty members                 6

Full-time UW staff                                   18

Part-time UW staff                                   7

Graduate Students                                    4

Post-Doctoral Fellow                                1

Specific Accountabilities

The ITC Finance and Grant Administrator contributes to the overall planning and coordination of the ITC Project, functioning as an integral part of the ITC-Waterloo team.  This position is required to complete the annual Research Finance Compliance Workshops, attend all relevant Arts financial training sessions, and work with the Arts Research Finance Officer and the Psychology Research Finance Coordinator as needed.

Grant Management


Financial Management


Significant Internal Relationships

Working Conditions