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Manager, Institutional Evaluation and Accountability

Department: Institutional Analysis and Planning Effective Date: February, 2012

USG 14

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Associate Director, Institutional

General Accountability

The Manager, Institutional Evaluation and Accountability in Institutional Analysis and Planning is accountable for monitoring and reporting on the progress in meeting uW strategic goals and priorities, evaluation of special initiatives, and routine monitoring of the institutional performance.  This position requires a strong educational and professional background in performance management, program evaluation and related applied social research methods, as well as proven experience in staff supervision. The incumbent leads a team of Institutional Analysts in facilitating planning and evaluation activities at the institutional level, and ensures that senior leadership and external users and partners receive comprehensive and reliable reports on uW performance and strategic initiatives. 

Nature and Scope

Reporting to the Office of the Vice President, Academic and Provost, Institutional Analysis & Planning (IAP) is responsible for providing overall strategic and operational planning support to the University of Waterloo. IAP gathers data and information from a variety of institutional and external sources, including background papers and literature reviews, surveys, government reports, environmental scans, and data generated by the IAP’s Data Analytics and Reporting team. The Evaluation and Accountability team develops and/or interprets these various sources of evidence and performs needs assessments, proposes evaluation plans and evaluates various institutional interventions and strategic initiatives. This team provides senior administrators with reports, briefing notes, presentations, ad hoc analyses and other formats of information to inform their decision making, This team also routinely connects and collaborates with outside agencies such as the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, the Council of Ontario Universities, U 15 and others, on matters related to academic and resource planning, policy issues, and various special initiatives.

Institutional Analysis and Planning is undergoing expansion of its functions and further differentiation and improvement of various analytical and reporting activities. The role of the Evaluation and Accountability team is critical for ensuring that various forms of evidence are effectively used, analyzed and interpreted to inform future policy and practice decisions. This team also plays a critical role in building successful working relationships across uW and with external partners, ensuring appropriate stakeholder engagement and a participatory approach in all planning and evaluation activities.

The Manager, Institutional Evaluation and Accountability will be working with the IAP leadership team on the overall planning, prioritizing and management of the core functions of the Institutional Analysis and Planning.

The Evaluation and Accountability team is responsible for engaging internal and external partners in collaborative processes to identify, plan and execute projects that enable uW to meet its strategic objectives and priorities. As such, it is critical that this team acquires, develops and maintains productive and collaborative relationships within IAP, all uWaterloo faculties and departments and relevant external partners. This team assists Faculties, departments and the institution as a whole in determining their goals, objectives, desired interventions and measures of success, and reports on the progress and outcomes of the interventions.

The Evaluation and Accountability team assists in strategic and operational planning, development of evaluation frameworks, indicators of success and monitoring activities and reports on the progress in meeting these objectives. The team success depends on reliable data produced by the Data Analytics and Reporting team as well as various other sources of information. The resulting analytical reports are used to develop university-wide performance indicators and monitoring activities, development of policy alternatives; preparation of responses, statements or positions on various issues for internal and external communication; interpretations of government policy; and analysis of university objectives. The Evaluation and Accountability team is expected to provide reports, consult with the stakeholders and propose policy and practice recommendations to the senior leadership at the University.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Monitoring of Institutional Accountability

Strategic and Operational Planning

Administration of Surveys and other Applied Research Methods

Monitoring, Interpreting and Supporting Data related to Institutional Ranking


Relationships and Collaboration

Working Conditions