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Technical Support Assistant


October 1, 2015

Reports to (Job Title): Executive Officer, Academic
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): None
Department: Office of the Vice-President, Academic & Provost


Main Campus


35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

The Technical Support Assistant position is responsible for performing various technical and administrative duties that contribute to the effective operation of the Office of the Vice-President, Academic & Provost and its activities.

Key Accountabilities:


Technical Support

  • Develops, maintains, and troubleshoots databases to track and store data related to the operation of the Office of the Vice-President, Academic & Provost such as faculty salary and start up grant funding data.
  • Develops, maintains, and troubleshoots reports on behalf of Senior Administration related to faculty data.
  • Develops and maintains the Departmental website for the Office of the Vice-President, Academic & Provost using the University’s Web Content Management System (WCMS).
  • Maintains the Departmental Event Management System which involves setting up and tracking events in the system and working with the system developer, as required.   
  • Provides computer support and training to Department Staff.
  • Maintains and troubleshoots technical office equipment, as required.  
  • Liaises with Information Systems Technology (IST) to coordinate, assign, track, and resolve client initiated problem reports on behalf of the Office of Vice-President, Academic & Provost and the Office of the President.
  • Provides technical support and project assistance to the Executive Officer, Academic.
  • Assists the Office of the President with the development, maintenance, and troubleshooting of databases and spreadsheets and other technical matters, as required.   
  • Provides presentation and computer support for lunch and learn training sessions.
  • Escalates complex technical issues to IST, as required.


Vice-President, Academic & Provost Support

  • Develops presentations on behalf of the Vice-President, Academic & Provost (the Provost); to be delivered by the Provost to Senior Leadership, the Board of Governors, the Senate and/or various Governance Committees.
  • Conducts research on behalf of the Provost regarding various University related matters.
  • Reviews submissions for staff positions in the University’s Talent Acquisition Software to ensure accuracy and completeness prior to the Provost’s approval and submission to Human Resources.
  • Acts as the Provost’s delegate in the University’s Talent Acquisition Software and approves staff positions on behalf of the Provost. 
  • Reviews staff applications for a 2% salary increase in lieu of vacation to ensure accuracy and completeness, in accordance with University policy, and forwards to the Provost for approval.
  • Prepares and distributes confidential correspondence on behalf of the Provost.
  • Responds to and/or redirects telephone, e-mail and in-person inquiries on behalf of the Provost.
  • Maintains awareness of the Provost’s calendar including upcoming meetings and events.



  • Maintains electronic faculty files.
  • Provides ongoing support to Departmental Staff with various projects and/or work initiatives.
  • Provides back-up support to the Office Assistant, as required, which may involve serving as front reception, managing the scheduling of appointments and meetings for the Provost, overseeing the handling of incoming mail, ordering office supplies, and coordinating departmental events.
  • Performs other duties as assigned in accordance with Departmental and/or University objectives.

Position Requirements


College Diploma or equivalent combination of education and/or experience.


Three years of experience in an office work environment including demonstrated experience providing technical support to Staff and Senior Administration/Senior Leadership

Demonstrated experience in a University office work environment is preferred

Demonstrated ability to:

Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Access, Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint
Intermediate knowledge of SharePoint and a Web Content Management System (WCMS)


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
word excel powerpoint other

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

The Technical Support Assistant is responsible for the development and oversight of administrative systems to support the Office of the Vice-President, Academic & Provost. The position requires substantial skill in managing complexity and co-ordinating a range of activities and demands. Responsibility, maturity, and excellent problem-solving skills are key. Writing and organizational skills are key, as are managing conflicting priorities from multiple managers.


As the back-up for the Office Assistant, this position requires a thorough understanding of all operations of the Office of the Vice-President, Academic & Provost.

Level of Responsibility:

This position has no direct supervision of others. The position has a mix of defined, specialized and routine tasks and unusual or one-time requests. The Technical Support Assistant provides co-worker support through back-up of other Administrative staff.


Problem Solving

This position provides guidance and problem solving support to the Provost and other Department Staff on a wide range of issues which may include interpretation of University of Waterloo (UW) policies and procedures. Provides solutions to administrative and operational problems, as appropriate; responds to these issues on behalf of the Executive Officer, Academic as required.


Financial Accountability

This position is responsible for the administration and reconciling of a UW Purchasing Card with a spending limit of $10, 000, which is mainly used for transactions related to office supplies and events.


Internal and External Contacts

This position works in the Office of the Chief Operating Officer of the University. There is constant contact with individuals at all levels from inside and outside of the University, including: federal and provincial government offices, local and national businesses and corporations, senior administrators, faculty, staff, students, and other officers reporting to the Vice-President, Academic & Provost. It is important that the Technical Support Assistant responds in a helpful and timely manner, maintaining professionalism, and strict confidentiality at all times.

Decision-Making Authority:

This position assists in prioritizing conflicting requests for meetings on behalf of the Provost, exercising good judgement, discretion and flexibility in juggling a busy schedule. May make decisions related to travel and event planning.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

This position is exposed to minimal physical and sensory demands typical of an administrative position operating within an office environment.

Working Environment:

This position spends the majority of their time in a standard office environment which involves minimal physical or psychological risk.