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Manager, Space Planning

Department: Associate Provost, Serivces Effective Date: February, 2011

USG 14

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Associate Provost, Services

General Accountability

Reporting to the Associate Provost, Resources, the Manager, Space Planning works closely with Institutional Analysis and Planning which maintains the university space inventory, and Plant Operations, which manages new construction and renovation projects, to facilitate analyzing, planning and managing of space issues within the entire University of Waterloo community.  The Manager, Space Planning also works closely with Space Peer Review Committees which are responsible for monitoring efficiency of space usage and space assignments for academic and academic support units, and with the Space Information Advisory Group which focuses on identifying space needs, barriers to effective allocation of space, enhancement of space use and management practice, and recommendations to forward to appropriate managers. Furthermore, the Manger, Space Planning will interact frequently with Deans and senior managers of academic support units, given each has significant responsibility for ‘local’ space planning which can have campus-wide implications.

Nature and Scope

The University of Waterloo has three key resources; people, funds, space and related facilities.  Given proposed initiatives in the Sixth Decade Plan, there is a need to ensure existing space is used efficiently, effectively and equitably, and that systematic planning is conducted related to incremental space.

The 2005 Council of Ontario Universities report on inventory of Physical Facilities was explicit in stating that “with increased emphasis on accountability, universities are expected to ensure that their use of resources, including physical facilities, is efficient and that appropriate information on utilization is available to government and the wider public.”  In that context, the Manger, Space Planning will provide advice and support to help the University have suitable space to meet the needs for academic offices, administrative offices, research laboratories, classrooms, teaching laboratories, study space and student life space, and that such space is used effectively.

The Manager, Space Planning will work closely with others with responsibility for space in academic and academic support units.  In addition, the Manager, Space Planning will interact with the various Space Peer Review Committees to be created to monitor space use efficiency in both academic and academic support units, and will be a member of the Space Information Advisory Group.

Statistical Data

The University of Waterloo has 4.3 million assignable square feet of building space.

Within that space, there are:

Also, there are:

Not all academic buildings are owned by uWaterloo as the above numbers include all buildings managed by the Federated University and Affiliated University Colleges.; 13 buildings do not have a replacement value.

The residence buildings include all buildings that are part of Columbia Lake Village, Minota Hagey Residence, Mackenzie King Village, Ron Eydt Village, Sweeney Hall, Tutors’ Houses, UW Place, and Village 1.

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions

The Manager, Space Planning consults and works with the campus community to understand needs in order to determine how best to meet space requirements, now and in the future.