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Services Manager

Department: Federation of Students Effective Date: November, 2011


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Clubs and Services Director

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Federation of Students for the day-to-day operations of the organization’s Services.  This includes : Women’s Centre,  International Student Connection, GLOW, UW Sustainability Project, Off Campus  Dons, Campus Response Team, and Food Bank.   This position is accountable to the Clubs and Services Director.

Nature and Scope

This position assists the Clubs and Services Director and VP Internal in the recruitment, selection, training and supervision of 14 Volunteer Service Coordinators each term.   This position ensures that their job descriptions are current and each coordinator is appropriately transitioned into their role. 

This position ensures the coordinators are aware of and follow University and Federation policies and procedures. 

This position will liase with the Marketing and Communications department to ensure that the Services are appropriately and adequately marketed to UW students.  The Services Manager will regularly review the content on the Feds website to ensure that all Services information is correct and current.

This position monitors the services budgets and regularly meets with the Service Coordinators to review.  Any significant variances are reported to the Clubs and Services Director and VP Internal. 

The Services Manager will be responsible for reviewing all event requests from the Service Coordinators.  The manager will approve all low risk events and will seek input for any events considered medium to high risk with the Clubs and Services Director.  This position will assist the coordinators in the planning and execution of their events.

This position will review all cheque requests.  This position may approve cheque requests up to $500.  Anything above this level must be approved by the VP Internal.

This position will work with many UW departments such as Plant Operations, Health Services, Housing, Counseling Services, SLC Mangers and Central Bookings.

This position will work with several community organizations such as Regional Food Bank and ACCKWA.

This position will sit on the CRT advisory board.

The Services Manager will ensure that UW students have customer focused services by providing excellent customer service.  The manager will ensure each Service has an annual plan that will reflect the organization’s long-term goals.

This position will work with the Clubs and Services Director, VP Internal and General Manager to develop and implement a long-term plan for our services.

This position will inventory the Services fixed asset purchases and do an inventory of said items each term.  They will then provide this information to the Accounting Manager.

This position will research best practices at other similar schools to continually improve our services.

The Services Manager will provide on-going support to the Clubs and Services Director and the VP Internal.

Other duties as assigned.

Statistical Data

Services Budget :  approximately $100,000

Volunteers: approximately 300

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions

Student focused and student driven work environment with Elected student Executive that change annually.  Volunteer coordinators often change from term to term and are in need of consistent direction and monitoring.  This position requires working some evenings and some weekends/holidays.