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Associate Director, Finance

Department: Institute for Quantum Computing Effective Date: June, 2012

USG 11

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Director, Strategy and Operations

General Accountability

The incumbent, a strategic thinker, is responsible for financial planning, analysis, reporting and performance management and compliance functions of IQC’s accounts including research grants, endowments and donations. 

The incumbent will

      The incumbent will


The incumbent works closely with faculty and supervise two financial staff (USG 7 and a new compliance role that requires job grading).   Also, the incumbent sets financial practices and procedures, and provides the related oversight.

Nature and Scope

Waterloo has unique funds with restrictions that determine how the funds are segregated and spent.  A key challenge for the incumbent is to ensure that all procedures have been followed and that all internal and external accountabilities are met. Research activity is subject to policy and procedures of Waterloo, as well as those imposed externally by granting agencies.  Failure to adhere to such policies could jeopardize the University’s research funding and reputation.  However, research activity should not be impeded through the application of these policies and procedures.

The incumbent is part of the leadership team, along with heads of the operating units – administration, communications and outreach, technical facilities and information technology. 

The incumbent works closely with researchers; the science Faculty Financial Officer; the Office of Research, Procurement; Contract Services; IQC leadership team in fulfilling their responsibilities.

Strategic Context

IQC’s vision is to harnessing quantum mechanics and that this will lead to transformational technologies that will benefit society and become a new engine of economic development.

The mission of the Institute for Quantum Computing is to develop and advance quantum information science and technology at the highest international level through the collaboration of computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians and physical scientist. 

IQC’s strategic goals are to:

Statistical Data

Grants/gifts:                $250 million (private, provincial and federal funding).

Operating budget:       $12 million growing to $18 million over the next four years.

Capital budget:            $100 million for IQC’s new building and lab equipment.

Authority:                     Signing authority for all funds.

Researchers:              Within four years researchers will total 200.


Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions