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Director, Distance Education (DE) and Continuing Professional  Development (CPD)

Department: School of Pharmacy, Health Sciences Campus Effective Date: June, 2013

USG 13

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Assoc Director , Prac-Based Educ

General Accountability

The Director, DE and CPD is accountable to the Associate Director, Practice-Based Education for the establishment and ongoing management of continuing professional development and distance education programming at the School of Pharmacy.   The position will be responsible for managing a Centre that will:

This position is contingent on funding.


Nature and Scope

The Director, DE and CPD will be responsible for a business unit that will be revenue generating for the School of Pharmacy, including cost-recovery of the incumbent’s salary. 


Continuing Professional Development Programs:

The Director will identify and assess the educational needs of individuals or groups with regards to continuing professional development programs.  S/He will hire and supervise contract pharmacists and other health care professional content experts, will work with the Centre for Extended Learning to design an optimal delivery system for these programs and develop tools to evaluate the programs’ progress and success. 


Distance Education PharmD Programs:

The Director will work with faculty and teaching staff to design and deliver for-credit courses related to the PharmD bridging program for UWaterloo BScPhm graduates and the PharmD distance education program for practicing pharmacists who have received a BScPhm from other programs.  This will require ensuring that the program is equivalent to the in-house PharmD program and will include development of prior-learning-assessment tools.  The Director will develop and update a strategic business plan to assess and sustain the viability of these programs.


To effectively complete the above responsibilities, the Director will develop a collaborative work environment that works extensively and effectively with UWaterloo’s Centre for Extended Learning.  The Director will need to work very closely with the Admission, Curriculum and Assessment Committee to ensure the distance education PharmD program meets UWaterloo academic and the Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Program standards.  This will also require them to follow the process for curricular approval within the University. They will also need to recruit practicing pharmacists, and work well with faculty and staff within the School of Pharmacy. 


The development of the above programs will make the Director a key liaison with external stakeholders such as professional associations, licensing bodies, community pharmacies, acute and long-term care institutions, the pharmaceutical industry, government, pharmacy consulting services, companies that provide auxiliary products or services to pharmacy and other health-care related organizations.  As with other external representatives, the Director will act as an ambassador for the School of Pharmacy and the University of Waterloo.


The Director will possess the exceptional communication and relationship-building skills necessary to build a strong portfolio of CPD clients. To ensure quality programming and revenue generation, the Director will have strong business skills to ensure strategic decision making, operations and financial management.  The Director will be responsible for seeking external funding sources to support continuing professional development and distance education programs.  S/He will also have an understanding of teaching and learning principles, curricular design, and educational outcomes measurement.


The School of Pharmacy is a newly-established institution, and graduated its first class in 2011.  As such, the opportunity exists to create novel and innovative continuing education activities which will build on the strengths of Waterloo’s unique undergraduate pharmacy program.  The incumbent will ensure that the programs being offered at the School of Pharmacy are distinct from, and complementary to, existing programs from other providers.


At the University of Waterloo, Continuing Education is an ancillary operation which must generate its own income and maintain its own fiscal viability.  The unit operates on a cost recovery basis. The same is expected of continuing education activities originating in the School of Pharmacy.  As such, the Manager, Continuing Professional Education must assess the financial viability of proposed projects and make recommendations based on appropriate cost/benefit analysis.


Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities





Working Conditions