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Managing Director

Department: Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) Effective Date: June, 2012

USG 16

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Executive Director

General Accountability

Managing Director (MD) is responsible for creating and sustaining a world-class physical infrastructure, financial plan, and administrative environment to support globally recognized research, teaching, service and outreach at the IQC. 


The Director creates and executes a strategic plan for the funding of the Institute’s capital and operating requirements, ensuring that the IQC has at all times the necessary resources to attract and retain the finest faculty, students, and staff and that these individuals are properly equipped, housed and funded and hence able to create the world’s leading centre of its kind.


In pursuit of this objective, the Director works with the Executive Director, university colleagues, and senior faculty in all aspects of IQC’s relationships with stakeholders including domestic and foreign governments, private and public funders, collaborating institutions, and the general public.  The Director ensures that that the work of the IQC is known globally for its depth, rigor, and applicability to society’s issues.


The Director recruits and leads a high quality professional staff, skilled in their individual fields, dedicated to ongoing personal development, and passionate about the IQC’s mission.  Their work includes providing strategic and operational leadership in the areas of marketing, communications, government relations, laboratories, human resources, administration, finance, information technology and the physical plant.


The Director of Strategy engages external partners in the public and private sectors at the senior executive level, liaises with them, creates partnerships and commitment, and communicates the vision of the IQC.  He/she is known as a person of knowledge, vision and integrity and an exemplary colleague within the broader university context.


The DSA is a member of IQC’s advisory board and executive committee. The DSA reports to the Executive Director of IQC, serving as his/her partner in all non-scientific aspects of the IQC’s work and development.  Direct reports include the Director of Operations and Finance; Director of Communications and External Relations and the Manager of Information Technology.

The Director is responsible, through staff, for planning, developing and executing the IQC’s strategy, operations and control, communication and reporting, viz.



The incumbent is responsible for leading an effective and cohesive management team and staff complement, enabling the mission of IQC to be fully realized through outstanding administrative support of the scientific efforts.

Nature and Scope

IQC is a complex and dynamic research organization, working at the leading edge of a fast-moving field, and striving for world-class excellence in its achievements.  Its funding is complex, with many lines of accountability and challenging external reporting requirements.  To meet the needs of an outstanding scientific staff, the operations of IQC must be of the highest quality by the relevant standards.  As the person in charge of those operations, the DSA must be a seasoned executive, with solid experience in finance, a deep understanding of human resource issues, and a visible and credible commitment to the highest standards of quality for the services offered by the Institute’s staff.


The vision of IQC is that the development of transformational technologies arising from the harnessing of quantum mechanics will benefit society and become a new engine of economic development.


The mission of IQC is the development and advancement of quantum information science and technology at the highest international level through the collaboration of computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians and physical scientists.  

Statistical Data

IQC’s strategic goals are to:


Statistical Data

Grants and gifts:

$218 million from M. and O. Lazardis, the Province of Ontario and the Federal Government.


Operating budget is $10 million growing to $18 million over the next five years; the capital budget exceeds $100 million for IQC’s new building and equipment.


Signing authority for all IQC funds.


Within 5 years IQC will double its total researchers (faculty, staff and students) to more than 200 people.  At inception in 2002 IQC had 4 researchers.







Within Two Years


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Labs (HQPs)  




Info Technology




Admin. / Finance




QuantumWorks / similar



Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions