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Director, Communications and Strategic Initiatives

Department: Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) Effective Date: July, 2012

USG 14

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Director of Strategy and Operations

General Accountability

The Director will plan and advance the Institute’s strategic marketing, communications and external relations objectives.  The ADCE is responsible for developing, planning and managing a wide range of marketing, branding, communications and outreach activities directed at the local, national and international levels among a wide range of stakeholders.

Nature and Scope



Strategic Context


The mission of the Institute for Quantum Computing is to advance fundamental experimental and theoretical knowledge in relevant areas of Engineering, Mathematics and Science to enhance developments in the field of Quantum Computation and Information Processing. To achieve this mission, the Institute brings together the best researchers and students from around the world in Computing, Engineering, Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

It is IQC’s strategic objective to become the worldwide source of information, analysis and commentary on the state of quantum information processing and to provide the essential knowledge for Canada’s industry to be ahead of the international community. It will be the ADCE’s responsibility to realize this objective.  


The ADCE is responsible for directing the IQC marketing and communication strategy.  This strategy is being funded with an Industry Canada (IC) grant, and other funding, which exceeds $3 million over the next 5 years. The $3 million is an integral component of the $50 million Industry Canada grant. IQC is required, per the IC agreement, to report annually on the progress made to “Brand Canada as a place to conduct research in quantum technologies”.  IQC’s commitment to IC related to this grant includes:


1. Developing and communicating the IQC brand; and


2. Disseminating knowledge.


The specific outputs of activity related to developing and communicating the IQC brand include “a road map to fulfill IQC’s strategic objective of becoming the primary source of quantum information, an enhanced web site, a communications / branding plan and strategy, and various outreach activities”. 


To affect these goals the ADCE must be a strategic thinker and possess proven ability in developing and executing marketing, communication and government relations strategies with a wide stakeholder base. The incumbent must have direct experience in integrating such strategies with daily operations.  Further, the incumbent will have the ability to deploy both new and traditional technologies and tools to deliver strategic, tactical and day-to-day marketing, communication and government relations initiatives.

Statistical Data

Annual budget:              $700 thousand, growing to $1M +


Sign-off authority to purchase consulting and  marketing services, publications, outreach pieces and media ads




Supervise 5 direct reports (manager, scientific outreach, communication specialist (2), events coordinator, Manager Quantum Works plus various part-time and casual staff as required.  Will grow over time.



Within 5 years IQC will double its total researchers to a total of more than 200.  Communications and External Relations staffing will grow as a result

Specific Accountabilities

Director is responsible to:


Risk Management

To ensure these goals are achieved IQC has developed certain mitigation strategies.  These strategies, which require annual status update reporting to Industry Canada, include reporting operating constraints that limit IQC’s ability to brand itself including limited resources (including staff).  Mitigation measures include recruiting the right people, talent, skills; develop and deliver a branding project plan; foster a close working relationship with appropriate units within the university.

Internal and External Relationships

The incumbent will initiate and maintain contact and professional working relationships with senior personnel in the University’s Communications and Public Affairs Office, University Advancement, and with the President’s and Vice President’s Office, science museums, institutes and media centers around the world, and specific scientific collaborating institutes around the world that focus on Quantum Computing.

Incumbent will interact with international media, government officials, and scientific publication personnel.

Working Conditions