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Academic Integrity Coordinator

Date: October, 2015
Reports to (Job Title): Administrative Manager, Engineering Undergraduae Office
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): None
Department: Engineering Undergraduate Office


Main Campus


17.5 hrs/wk

Primary Purpose

Working primarily with the Associate Dean Undergraduate Studies, but also the Associate Deans CEPA (Co-operative Education and Professional Affairs) and Graduate Studies in the Faculty of Engineering, the Academic Integrity Coordinator (AIC) handles case management related to the three UW policies 70, 71 and 72. This includes letter preparation and processing, record keeping and follow-up. As assistant to the Associate Deans, the incumbent will adhere to deadlines and assist with ongoing development and modification to the processing of cases to improve response times on these matters. Responsibilities for this position extend to all 12 undergraduate programs in the Faculty of Engineering, plus the School of Architecture as well as the graduate programs (Masters and PhD) in the Faculty of Engineering.

Key Accountabilities:


Policy 71 Academic Integrity

  • Case management. Create and manage academic integrity case files using Excel and the Campus Incident System.
  • For formal investigations, request “UR” (under review) status (by the Registrar or Graduate Studies Office) on the student`s record until the case is resolved or completed.
  • Allegation Letters. Responsible for all aspects of allegation letters, including signing them. Primary responsibility for detecting cases that may require the Associate Dean’s signature, based on experience and the submitted material.
  • Prepare (and process) a draft copy of the allegation letters for the Associate Dean from the information received.
  • Meet with (or correspond with) undergraduate or graduate students regarding questions about their response letters related to their Policy 71 matter, or the discipline process in general.
  • Assist with the investigation of straightforward cases and discuss the possible penalty with the Associate Dean; however the Associate Dean will make the final decision on the penalty. This typically includes allegations of plagiarism, excessive collaboration and copying/facilitating copying in all but the very technical cases. In the technical cases, the AIC needs to consult with the technical experts, or pass the case to the Associate Dean for investigation.
  • Prepare and sign the final copy of the informal resolution concerning Policy 71 matters.
  • Prepare and send letter to the student, Registrar’s Office, Graduate Studies Office, or CEPA office, and instructor as relevant and copy information into the CIS system.
  • Monitor time lines and act as a liaison between the student and Associate Dean concerning questions.
  • After formal investigations, provide final copy to the student and update action database for penalties if applicable.
  • Provide the instructor with a grade revision and copy of the letter.
  • Prepare the summary for the Office of the Secretariat & Office of General Counsel.
  • Review and identify those students involved in Policy 71 matters for the following reasons: convocation eligibility, student appointments (i.e., orientation leaders; WEEF TAs, etc.).
  • Responsible for the content of the Faculty Academic Integrity web page.




Policy 72 Student Appeals

  • Receive all appeal documentation from FCSA and UCSA for the Faculty of Engineering.
  • Receive case-related information from the Associate Dean.
  • Prepare draft information for the Associate Dean in response to the appeals.
  • Memo preparation, including editing.
  • Copy pertinent attachments and label them for inclusion with the Associate Dean’s response memo.
  • Monitor time-lines for the Associate Dean regarding deadlines.
  • File preparation and collection of information.
  • Return the Associate Dean’s response to FCSA before deadlines.
  • Maintain a current and thorough knowledge of the policy.


Policy 70 Student Petitions and Grievances

  • Receipt and initial screening of all student Challenges for the Faculty of Engineering.
  • Answer queries by students about the Challenge process.
  • Prepare draft requests for information related to Challenges.
  • Follow-up with departments when required on Challenges and Reassessment Challenges.
  • Prepare follow-up letters or emails to students when required.
  • Record summary information on internal spreadsheet.
  • Maintain a current and thorough knowledge of the policy.



   Record keeping and evaluation responsibilities

  a) Record keeping – fully responsible for all files (and archives) related to each policy 70, 71 and 72

  • Match student action items (i.e. case study, letter of apology, essay, etc.) to file.
  • Process apology letters for recipient as required.
  • Process grade revisions when received.
  • Check student records for completion of ethics course as required as part of a penalty and record course information on internal spreadsheet.
  • Inform the Office of the Provost (Academic Integrity) and the student about the academic integrity workshops and verify student attendance.
  • Monitor student progress on action items and send reminders as necessary for outstanding penalty items.
  • Database and spreadsheet development and maintenance is required for record-keeping and case management purposes (e.g. record dates for completed action items).
  • File all communication items including email.

  b) Evaluation

  • Review new cases for all three policies in preparation for discussion with the Associate Dean.
  • Receive and evaluate apology letters, case studies, and essays and provide feedback to the students concerning any steps necessary to correct deficiencies for their Policy 71 case.
  • Authority for approval of course substitutions if courses have been assigned as part of a penalty in a Policy 71 case.




Undertake other duties as assigned by the Associate Dean, Undergraduate, and the Administrative Manager, for example:

  • Assist the Admissions team during times of heavy email volume from applicants, and with information regarding transfers to different programs from current students.

  • Maintain student confidentiality by destroying appropriate files according to WatCLASS Records Classification and Retention Schedule.

  • Keep the AI Coordinator procedures manual current with updates as relevant.

  • Assist the Administrative Manager (Undergraduate) with document collection for student awards/medals for the spring convocation ceremony.

Position Requirements




MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Basic Basic Basic
  • Basic to intermediate experience with Microsoft Office
  • Experience using online student information systems (QUEST)
  • Familiarity with Campus Incident System (CIS)

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:




Contact with Others (Significant Internal Relationships):

Level of Responsibility:

The job has defined specialized or routine tasks with minimal supervision and provides guidance to others. Responsibilities include:


Decision-Making Authority:

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Working Environment: