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Campus Recreation Coordinator, Conditioning

Department: Athletics and Recreational Services Effective Date: July 1, 2009


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Manager, Campus Recreatiion & Athletics & Recreational Services

General Accountability

This position is responsible for all of the Department’s Conditioning and Wellness related programs, including the management of two fitness centres. The incumbent will work as part of the CR team and is accountable to the Manager, Campus Recreation with functional direction provided by the Associate Director, Athletics.

Nature and Scope

Campus Recreation is committed to a positive, diverse set of programs that develop a sense of community, contribute to quality of life, and foster ongoing relationships with and for the students and members. Programs are designed with student needs in mind – cost, scheduling, variety, and varying skills – in order to maximize participation and to ensure a diversity of offerings. Campus Recreation offers more than 175 structured programs in aquatics, first-aid, fitness, clubs, dance, intramurals, wellness, and conditioning. The CR program is overseen and managed by full-time staff and several hundred student employees each term. The degree of participation at Waterloo is very large which necessitates the two athletic buildings to be open from 7 a.m. to 12 midnight, 7 days a week in order to provide the recreational and instructional sports which students demand. In addition, the campus recreation program services a community of Faculty, Staff, Retirees, alumni, and community users.

The Coordinator, Conditioning, is responsible for all facets of conditioning and wellness activities for the Department of Athletics. These include, but are not limited to, development and facilitation of Conditioning programming, student staff supervision and training, equipment purchasing, budget management, and evaluation and assessment of programs.

The Coordinator, Conditioning, is responsible for the safe operations and supervision of 2 major fitness facilities equalling approximately 12,000 square feet - the PAC Strength Centre and CIF Fitness Centre - including staffing, and ensuring policies and procedures surrounding issues of Risk Management, Health Regulations, Dress Code, and proper equipment use. The Co-ordinator is also responsible for the purchasing and maintenance of all Fitness and Strength Centre equipment.

The Coordinator oversees the implementation of Conditioning programs targeted at the UW community, which includes approximately 500 registered program participants and 8000 fitness facility users each year; It is vital that the Coordinator use current research and best practices in the area of conditioning, fitness, and wellness in order to achieve the goal of creating programs that offer a variety of participation opportunities for all fitness levels.

The Coordinator is also responsible for developing strength and conditioning training programs for interuniversity teams and working with coaches to develop programs to increase the fitness levels of athletes on their teams. Baseline testing of teams using current best practices as well as on-going in and out of season testing is required. The Varsity Strength and Conditioning (SC) program involves a partnership with AHS-KIN, which includes the coordinating use of KIN lab testing equipment for testing athletes and coordination of KIN professors to review programs. As the Coordinator, Conditioning, the incumbent is responsible for the development, planning, scheduling, staffing and budget for the SC program; as well as the recruitment (part-time and volunteer), training, evaluation, and management of 30 strength and conditioning coaches per year . The Coordinator, Conditioning will also assume responsibility for the professional development and possible  certification of thestudent SC coaches through the provision of in-service training modules, theoretical and technical certification programs, the provision of a library and resource material, development of special clinics and special incentives such as apprentice programs ,etc. The development and planning of the program will be consistent with the philosophy of the Department. All student SC coaches will be under the direct supervision of the Coordinator.

The SC Coaches are assigned to Varsity teams to assist coaches and athletes in their strength and conditioning programs which are developed by the Coordinator, Conditioning specifically to the needs and scope of each varsity sport, and implemented with guidance and uspervision from the Coordinator by the SC coaches. The Coordinator is available to all athletes and coaches for further consultation and counselling especially in the areas of conditioning, nutrition, fitness, and exercise.

The Coordinator is responsible for providing functional direction and oversight of all part-time contract SC coaches that may be employed by individual teams. The Coordinator shall approve the strength and conditioning plans of any part-time SC coaches, as well as ensure that professional qualifications are up to appropriate standards. The Coordinator will also ensure that all part-time contract SC coaches are informed about the policies and procedures of the department.

The Coordinator will participate and lead educational sessions targeted at varsity teams and athletes broadly as part of the Department’s overall orientation plan for student-athletes, in collaboration with other staff members (e.g. Head Athletics Therapist; Associate Director, Athletics).

Interaction is also necessary with representatives ofcompanies manufacturing general and capital Strength and conditioning equipment, and any/all types of service agencies necessary to the administration of a sports strength and conditioning. The incumbent must be knowledgeable in University policies and procedures, familiar with University Health and Safety policies, have excellent communication and managerial skills, and good interpersonal relations skills. Knowledge is also required of Government Health and Safety Regulations,and sport liability issues.

As the Coordinator, Conditioning, the incumbent shall assist in the safe participation environments for athletes, students, and other users in the Fitness and Strength Centres. This includes responsibility for making recommendations to the Facility Manager and Risk Management Committee regarding major or minor safety repairs to the facility; instructing student coaches in emergency procedures; is actively involved in the Departmental Risk Management Committee.

The Coordinator, Conditioning shall  also be responsible for the SC program records including records of staff; SC Coaches qualifications; maintaining a SC program manual with policies on procedures and operations; submitting and monitoring staff payroll information; files and invoicing.

The Coordinator, Conditioning, will work closely with the Campus Recreation team, along with the Associate Director, Athletics; Facilities Manager; Marketing Manager; Manager, Business Operations; Promotions Coordinator; and other staff to contribute to the advancement of the Department’s goals regarding participation and engagement opportunities. Close interaction with varsity therapy staff in developing return to play exercise programs for varsity athletes is essential.

Collaborative working relationships with service-oriented areas on and off campus will allow the Co-ordinator to oversee effective co-ordination and marketing of Conditioning and Wellness programs, such as with Housing and Residence, Health Services, Student Life Office, and Counselling Services. It is vital that the Coordinator is responsive and adaptable to student input and is effective at developing a good rapport with users of these services, the majority of whom are students but also including approximately 500 Faculty and Staff members and a small number of community users.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Directly supervises, conducts performance evaluations, manages payroll, and provides leadership opportunities and mentoring to 3 coop students, 30 Personal Trainers, 30 SC Volunteers each term.

Provides functional oversight and direction to all part-time contract strength and conditioning coaches retained by individual teams.

Provides functional direction to: the Manager, Facilities and athletics facility staff related to the setup and the execution of responsibilities around the PAC Strength Centre and CIF Fitness Centre.

Responsible for providing a comprehensive Conditioning program for the UW community that enhances the quality of student life at the University of Waterloo through effective management of staff, recreational program delivery and development, adherence to university policies, facility usage, budget, leadership development and mentorship, and extensive internal and external relationships with stakeholders.

Functionally coordinates all facets of the Conditioning program, including program planning, facility scheduling, equipment purchasing, budgeting, staffing, program evaluation, leadership development, risk management, and student discipline issues and conflict management.

Works collaboratively with the Manager, Campus Recreation and the Manager of Business and Facility Operations in facility scheduling, program registration and overall program collaboration where efficient delivery of services to multiple stakeholders is essential.

Involvement and communication with other university and college Campus Recreation Departments and recreation organizations such as the National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association and the Canadian Intramural Recreation Association.

Provides strength and conditioning consultation and customized program development to Varsity coaches and athletes, both on an individual and team basis.

Collaborates with AHS-KIN through volunteer management, resource sharing, and program approval for interuniversity Strength and Conditioning program.

Oversees the management, servicing, repair, and purchase of conditioning and strength equipment in the CIF Fitness Centre and PAC Strength Centre.

Provides statistical reports of user activity and makes recommendations for program improvement.

Provides input to the Departmental Risk Management Committee.

Working Conditions

This position requires work in non-traditional hours, often for extended periods of time outside the course of a typical working day.

An undergraduate degree in Kinesiology, Physical Education, Health Studies, or Recreation required and a Master’s Degree in either of these disciplines preferred. Standard First-Aid training required and additional Fitness certifications as offered through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology and other accredited agencies highly recommended. Demonstrated experience in managing staff and developing fitness and strength programs in both a team and individual setting with recreational and high performance athletes. Strong knowledge of nutritional concepts regarding general fitness and high performance sport.

Certifications and Accreditations that would benefit this position include:

Certified Kinesiologist- CK with OKA, CKA

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist- CSCS with NSCA

Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP)- Certified Exercise Physiologist- CE

Personal Trainer Certification – CanFitPro (preferred), IDEA, ACE

Fitness Instructor certification – CanFitPro (preferred), IDEA, AEC, OFC

Standard First Aid

Fitness Assessment – The Canadian Physical Activity, Fitness & Lifestyle Approach Protocol (CPAFLA) (