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Emergency Planning and Fire Safety Officer

Date: June 1, 2015    Department:  Safety Office
Reports to (Job Title): Director of Safety
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): None
Location: Main Campus

USG 11

35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

The Emergency Planning and Fire Safety Officer is responsible for developing, maintaining and communicating emergency preparedness measures for the University of Waterloo with responsibility for the overall planning and development of the university’s emergency management framework, in keeping with industry standards that advance prevention, mitigation, response and recovery elements of emergency management. Within this context, the position, in close coordination with university leadership and committees, is responsible for the development and the implementation of the university’s emergency management plan and supporting infrastructure as well as the coordination of supporting departmental response plans. This position jointly reports to the Director of University Police on Emergency Planning.


The Emergency Planning and Fire Safety Officer plans, develops and implements training, awareness and exercise activities at all levels within the university community to continually improve emergency preparedness.


The incumbent also provides fire/life safety advice and expertise to the UWaterloo community, working with internal and external stakeholders to ensure compliance with applicable legislation, codes, standards and best practices.


The incumbent develops, implements and maintains the Fire Safety Program. He/she is responsible for monitoring fire safety and providing advice on practices, policies, codes and standards.  In addition, the incumbent reviews plans for code compliance, compiles lists of deficiencies and develops, implements and maintains fire safety plans, programs and policies for all UWaterloo campuses. The incumbent is also responsible for all training and education related to fire safety.

Key Accountabilities:

Emergency Planning

Responsible for:






Fire Safety

Responsible for:

Position Requirements



Several years’ experience in a planning and policy role with similar organizational scope, specialized in emergency response/emergency management and fire safety or equivalent.


Competencies will include:


Must possess Ontario Driver’s Licence Class G minimum.


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Deals with confidential materials and must exercise sound judgement, tact, unquestionable degree of integrity and diplomacy using well-developed interpersonal communication skills.


Internal:  Communicates with all members of University community including senior leadership to deal with, influence and motivate others, and to promote, justify and settle matters that are often highly sensitive.

Resolves situations as a consensus facilitator with creative abilities to achieve success for the University.


External: Liaises with professional and government regulators and agencies representing the University on matters that are sensitive and critical to the deliverables of the University of Waterloo.

Level of Responsibility:

Responsible for provision of expert advice, management of emergency planning and fire safety program services and compliance with legislative and legal requirements for all aspects of the University.

Decision-Making Authority:

The position ensures that all reasonable precautions are taken. A hesitation to pursue resolution of a health, safety and environment issue or fault in the health, safety and environment program could result in serious disruption to academic/research programs and campus services while damaging the institution’s reputation.

The position has signing authority for Safety Office accounts and negotiating supplier contracts.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Varied physical positions and occasional climbing, lifting and carrying required.

Occasional concentrated sensory use particularly during training presentations.

Working Environment:

Involves visiting varying work areas and locations, in and outdoors, at all times of the year normally within Monday to Friday core hours however is often required to vary schedule for training or responding to incidents.

Handles hazardous materials and enters higher hazard work areas (construction projects; injury and fire scenes).

Uses various personal protective equipment (PPE) however majority of time is in an office type environment where PPE is not required.


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