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Executive Manager

Date: July, 2011
Reports to (Job Title): President, UWSA
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): Administrative Assistant, UWSA
Location: Main Campus

Primary Purpose

Responsible for staff representation and advocacy, managing all UWSA affairs and guiding and supporting the board

Key Accountabilities:

1.0 Advise and support the UWSA Executive Committee

Ex-officio member of the UWSA Executive (voting status as determined from time to time by the UWSA constitution)


2.0 Advocate on behalf of UWSA members in employee-relations situations and disputes

Develop and document individual plans of action for uWaterloo staff for employee-relations issues


3.0 Responsible for accurate, clear and consistent communication from the UWSA to its members and to uWaterloo generally

Promotes and campaigns for the UWSA as required


4.0 Responsible for the management of the UWSA office

Liaise with corporate partners to fulfill agreements and maintain relationships


5.0 Oversees the UWSA’s finances

Ensures that financial records are provided for annual review by UWSA accountant

Position Requirements


University degree or equivalent education and experience.  Advanced degree in Social Work, Counselling or related discipline an asset


5-8 years progressive experience in advocacy, leadership and communication. In-depth knowledge of university environment, including structure, policies and procedures and conditions of employment.


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Basic Basic yes

yes ,

Website software  (membership card machine/software)


Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:



Level of Responsibility:

manage a company-wide function or process that is highly specialized with direct reports.  The staff advocacy role is required to provide potentially career-altering guidance, counselling and advice to uWaterloo staff.

Decision-Making Authority:

responsible for establishing the priorities of the UWSA office and solving day-to-day problems that arise within the Staff Advocacy accountability.  Consults with and advises the UWSA President on strategic direction of the UWSA.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

extensive sitting with some lifting, carrying/handling of large objects.  Extensive use of computer and telephone.

Working Environment:

the staff advocacy component of this role involves extreme psychological risk resulting from unavoidable exposure to disagreeable or uncomfortable environmental conditions. It may include exposure to emotionally-disturbing experiences and/or interactions with members of the uWaterloo community who are upset, angry, abusive, aggressive, unstable or unpredictable (e.g. emotionally-charged situations with staff who are facing job-loss) and unusual hours or schedules (to accommodate staff who wish to meet outside regular business hours).  The Executive Manager role requires travel to multiple-day conferences and events to represent the UWSA, as well as attendance at UWSA social functions.