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Director, Quality Assurance (Academic Programs)

Date: February 2016
Reports to (Job Title): Associate Vice-President, Academic (undergraduate programs), “dotted line” reporting to Associate Provost, Graduate Studies (graduate programs)
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): FTE Project Coordinator, plus a co-op student, work study student, research assistant or casual employee, as needed.
Department: Office of the Associate Vice-President, Academic


Main Campus


USG 11
35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

The Director of Quality Assurance (Academic Programs) oversees two high profile strategic areas:


  1. Office of Academic Integrity - promoting the core value of integrity and academic integrity to the university community though provision of various educational resources and engaging with faculties, extra-curricular associations and academic support units in initiatives promoting academic integrity. The Academic Integrity Office is an already established unit on campus.

  3. Quality Assurance Office – is a new unit that is being created to support the quality assurance process related to the mandated review of academic programs by the Quality Council. This office also assists with the review of new academic programs and major program modifications. 

Key Accountabilities:

The key accountabilities for the Director, Quality Assurance (Academic Programs) are subdivided into managing those which support the academic program quality assurance process and those related to academic integrity.


Supporting Quality Assurance

1. Responsible for the development of a central Quality Assurance Office, that has

oversight of all internal processes and communications related to development (planning, execution and reporting) of new academic programs (degree and non-degree) and the scheduled cyclical review of existing academic (degree and non-degree) programs.



2. Research


3. Internal liaison


4. Represents the University


Supporting Academic Integrity

1. Responsible for oversight and introduction of initiatives and educational opportunities that raise awareness and promote integrity and academic integrity to the entire campus community. Outreach and promotion are implemented through a variety of media, including training sessions and presentations as well as working with the graduate and undergraduate student councils to integrate academic integrity requirements in programs.


2. Financial


3. Responsible for the implementation and achievement of outreach programs such as presentations, training sessions, workshops and promotional events.


4. Internal liaison

Responsible for communications, including but not limited to:


5. Research


6. Represents the University:

Position Requirements


Master’s degree preferred, ideally in Public Administration, Public Policy, and/or Education or equivalent experience. Experience in project management is an asset.



MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Excellent Intermediate Excellent Web content management software and web writing, database systems

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

This position has significant contacts with senior academic administrators and academic support units as well as individuals and groups external to the University, and is involved in highly sensitive, confidential matters.


Interpersonal contacts

Level of Responsibility:

This position drives the development and management of strategic programs and initiatives in the Office Academic Integrity and the Quality Assurance Office. The level of responsibilities in each of these areas is indicated in the Key Accountabilities listed earlier in this document.


The work of the Director, Quality Assurance (Academic Programs), will be supported by the administrative assistant to the Associate Vice-President, Academic (AVPA) and when required, support from the Graduate Studies Office. The Director will oversee one FTE position (Project Coordinator) that dedicates .50 time to Quality Assurance and .50 to Academic Integrity. The position of Project Coordinator will work primarily with the Director to monitor and support program reviews and to roll out academic integrity initiatives across campus. The Project Coordinator will also work closely with the administrative assistant to the Associate Vice-President, Academic (AVPA).


For projects related to quality assurance or academic integrity, a co-op student, work study student, research assistant or casual employee may also work under the supervision of the Director.


The Director:

Decision-Making Authority:

Related to quality assurance, the Director is responsible for some communications decisions with regard to interpretation of IQAP and related quality assurance procedures. The Director knows when it is appropriate to hand-off decision making for matters best handled by the AVPA and/or APGS.


Related to academic integrity, the Director is responsible for establishing the priorities for the office and addressing the changes to priorities by consulting directly with the Associate Vice-President, Academic as appropriate.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Minimal demands typical of an executive position within an office environment.

Working Environment:

Minimal exposure to disagreeable conditions typical of an executive position exposed to stress and pressure associated with executive level responsibilities. The Director, Quality Assurance (Academic Programs) will work an office environment, with meetings across campus as well as occasional travel for professional development and networking purposes. Nature of responsibilities will sometimes require work in evenings and weekends.