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Data Processing Specialist

Date: February 19, 2013
Reports to (Job Title): Head of Statistics and Data Management
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): None
Location: Main Campus


35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

This position is responsible for managing the CCLR data entry process from the point where the source documents are completed through to the point where the data set is finished and ready to be queried for analysis.

Key Accountabilities:

1.  Data Entry


2.  Data Management


3.  Organization and Management of Participant-Focused Data Collection Strategies


4.  Training and Overseeing of Undergraduate Students and Casual Employees Involved in Data Management


5.  Administrative Responsibilities


6.  Provide Support for Electronic Communication Devices

Position Requirements


High school diploma or equivalent.


Must have a minimum of 2 years of experience with data entry, preferably with experience working in a research setting.  Must be detail-oriented and able to cope with the repetitive nature of data entry. Excellent communication and organizational skills required as well as the ability to work both independently and as a team member in a busy and varied environment.


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Basic Basic Basic Custom data entry systems, including systems developed in-house and systems supplied by sponsors

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Internally this position has an integral role within the Data Management Team and works with the research staff to exchange information to ensure that all data is entered accurately and expeditiously.  The incumbent is responsible for gathering information from study participants via telephone and for training them in the use of BlackBerries according to study requirements.  Externally the incumbent provides copies of documentation to sponsors as requested.

Level of Responsibility:

This position is responsible for managing the version control of study participant informed consent, and ensuring that missing data is resolved with the investigators according to Good Clinical Practice guidelines.  The incumbent is responsible for ensuring that data is accurately transferred from the source documents to the database. This includes training and overseeing the work of the Data Management Assistant who is usually an undergraduate student hired each term.

Decision-Making Authority:

This position must ensure that data are entered correctly and frequently this requires an interpretation of the handwriting of individual investigators. The incumbent must have a keen sense of whether the information is correct as it appears or whether it needs to be questioned.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

The incumbent experiences physical and sensory demands typical of a position whose main focus involves data entry and its associated attention to detail and computer use.  It requires extensive sitting, repetitive hand/finger movements and concentrated visual tasks.  Frequent breaks are encouraged.

Working Environment:

There is minimal exposure to disagreeable conditions typical of an administrative position required to occupy a cubical in an office shared with three or four other individuals.  The incumbent may be required to call study participants to collect data outside of the normal University hours. This position is contingent upon funding.