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Forming and Impact Research Technologist

Department: Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering Effective Date: June, 2013


37.5 hr/wk

Reports to: M. Worswick

General Accountability

The Research Technologist is principally responsible for the operation and support of the Forming and Impact Mechanics research activities of Professor M. Worswick. Support encompasses the design, sourcing, construction, development, troubleshooting, and maintenance of research equipment with a focus on electrical (CSA) and mechanical equipment. This position reports directly to Professor M. Worswick of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

Nature and Scope

The principal activities of the Research Technologist are based on the research of Professor M. Worswick. Activities include structural testing, metal stamping, hot forming, electromagnetic forming, operation of a large autoclave system, high strain rate material testing, gas gun impact testing, and other forming and impact experiments. The Research Technologist is responsible for ensuring the effective, efficient and safe operation of the equipment and experiments. This includes supervising and assisting graduate students when they work in the labs. Technical support is required by the users and ranges from designing and construction of equipment and test rigs to CSA standards for faculty and consulting with graduate students. The areas of research are continuously evolving and changing to keep pace with technology and institutional requirements. The Research Technologist is expected to be flexible and responsive to these changing needs

Statistical Data

The research activities (Masters, Ph.D. and Post Doctoral Fellow) are currently carried out in 3 heavy labs occupying a space of approximately 5000 ft2.

Specific Accountabilities

The specific accountabilities of this position have evolved over time.


Principal current specifics include:


Scheduling, setup, operation, design, construction, safety (CSA) and maintenance of metal forming, autoclave and high strain rate material testing facilities. CSA conformance of these testing facilities (old & new) is achieved by the Research Technologist interfacing with the MME CSA department person. Conformance entails getting the MME CSA department person involved in the initial design and construction of these testing facilities, once construction is complete the outside CSA inspector is called in and the Research Technologist works with the inspector to achieve CSA certification.


The Research Technologist with the input from the various project leaders will keep schedules that reflect usage and completion of the various projects and the equipment used. The Research Technologist will manage these schedules by communicating with the project leaders so that projects will be completed in a timely manner.


The Research Technologist will setup a metal material inventory system and inform project leaders of material usage status on their projects.


These testing facilities include:



Working Conditions

Working conditions correspond to those found in a heavy mechanical testing laboratory. The Research Technologist can regularly expect to move and handle large and heavy equipment. Much of the equipment in this lab can be very dangerous if not handled properly. Working outside of normal hours might be occasionally required to deal with emergencies, maintenance, or extended run experiments.