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Assistant Director, Administration

Department: Institute for Quantum Computing Effective Date: August, 2007
Grade: USG 12 Reports to: Director, IQC

General Accountability

The Assistant Director, Administration is accountable to the Director of the Institute for Quantum Computing for the financial management, human resource administration, equipment and space management and other administrative functions as required in supporting the teaching, learning and research mission of the Institute for Quantum Computing.

Nature and Scope

A Deputy Director reports to the Director. Currently, there are 15 full time faculty from three UW faculties (Mathematics, Engineering and Science) and the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics who work collaboratively with the Director to advance the goals of the Institute. Current plans are to increase the number of faculty to 30 full time positions within the next five years. As well, the Institute currently has 65 graduate students and 16 postdoctoral fellows registered in other faculties but studying within the Institute with an intention to increase to 125 and 50 respectively.


Reporting to the Assistant Director are all the academic support staff including the Administrative Officer, the NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) Facility Manager, an Administrative Financial assistant, the Computer Support Specialist and a secretary. There are plans to increase the staffing levels within the next five years.


The mission of the Institute for Quantum Computing is to advance fundamental experimental and theoretical knowledge in relevant areas of Engineering, Mathematics and Science to enhance developments in the field of Quantum Computation and Information processing. To achieve this mission, the Institute will bring together some of the best researchers and students in Computing, Engineering, Mathematical and Physical Sciences. A new building, in partnership with Nanotechnology will be constructed which will provide the facilities for these endeavours.


The Assistant Director will provide the oversight, management and coordination of the academic support activities of the Institute, freeing the Director to focus on the research and experimental challenges of the faculty and students and the Institute’s activities and relationships with other universities, local, provincial and federal governments, granting agencies, private sector partners and industry


Specifically, the Assistant Director will oversee:


Management of the Administrative Functions of the Institute for Quantum Computing: The Assistant Director will provide the oversight and direction of all activities that support the advancement of knowledge in the field of Quantum Computing.  Working closely with the Director and with the advisory Board of Directors, the Assistant Director will provide advice, counsel, management and support for the Institute’s day to day responsibilities and challenges.  This position will also provide background research and draft proposals for funding initiatives, programs, scholarships and fund raising projects. This will involve developing problem solving strategies for human resource issues, overseeing the financial management of the institute, research funding and liaison with research agencies and officials, providing information for decision making and strategic planning, and overall day to day management of the Institute so that the Director may concentrate on the fundamental elements of the Institute’s mission.


Financial Management of the Institute’s Budget, including development of the annual operating budget as well as analysis, control and long range and strategic planning.  The Institute is a collaborative venture involving various academic units and as such a significant component of its resource base is housed in these units. Therefore, total expenditures related to the Institute consist of its own dedicated budget and expenditures incurred by other academic and support units across campus with independent budgetary authorities. As such the financial management of Institute resources involves direct management of the Institute’s own budget in coordination with the expenditures incurred by other units in support of the Institute's activities. Thus, a high level of information gathering and coordination is needed in managing the total resources of the Institute.


The Assistant Director will be responsible for the day to day operation of the Institute’s budget, research activities and financial transactions and provide guidance and direction to the Administrative Financial Assistant. .As well, the Assistant Director will provide direction to others in the Institute with regard to financial management for operating, trust, endowment and research funds and will have signing authority for operating, trust and endowment funds for the Institute. Given the complexity of the funding arrangements involving various departments, schools and faculties, the Assistant Director will provide direction, support and guidance for research funds activity in all areas of the Institute.  The Assistant Director will work with the officials responsible for financial matters in the Faculties, Office of Research, Finance, Office of Development and Alumni Affairs and the Graduate Studies Office in the coordination of financial information gathering, analysis and reporting.


Human Resources Oversight and Direction of all Staff Employees of the Institute: The Assistant Director will provide the leadership for all staff employees within the Institute including planning for training and development, conducting performance appraisals, assigning job responsibilities and general supervision. The Assistant Director will be the primary liaison to Human Resources with regard to all of IQC’s staffing issues including job descriptions, reclassifications, performance evaluations, payroll records and staff management issues. The Assistant Director will also provide advice and guidance to faculty with respect to the hiring of other faculty positions, quasi faculty and special requirements associated with the nature and duration of research appointments. The Assistant Director will administer the salary increase process for staff-soliciting performance appraisal documentation and ratings and overseeing the distribution of merit increases.


Space Management, Facilities and Infrastructure Management and Support: The Quantum-Nanotechnology building will begin construction in the fall of 2007 with expected completion in 2010. The building will be shared with Nanotechnology and the Institute will occupy approximately 135,000 square feet.  Planning, architectural design and a construction plan are set. The Assistant Director’s responsibility throughout construction will be as the primary liaison between IQC and Plant Operations to assist or respond to issues or problems during the construction period. In consultation with the Director, the Assistant Director will determine space assignments in the Institute and provide central control of space inventory and records. The Assistant Director will advise the Director on space related problems and issues and will oversee and manage work requests-signing to authorize expenditures for all Institute construction, repairs, additions and renovations. In addition, this position will, in consultation with the Director, authorize the purchase and allocation of equipment and furnishings for both teaching and administration.


Establishing and Maintaining Organizational Relationships Internally and Externally:

The Assistant Director, in order to provide the highest level of service and guidance to the Institute will need to build strong and collaborative relationships across the university community-specifically with the  three Executive Officers and Deans from which the faculty originate (Engineering, Mathematics and Science) , the departments which provide significant infrastructure support to the Institute’s activities- (Finance, Office of Research , Human Resources, Plant Operations, etc. ) and with external agencies, granting agencies, industry and individuals that provide the funds for the activities of the Institute.


Managing a complex experimental facility and computing systems for all faculty, staff and students:  The Assistant Director, working with the Facility Manager and the Computer Support Specialist, will ensure that the computing needs of all IQC employees are met and that system support is maintained at a high level of efficiency. Given the research of the faculty, it is imperative that computing systems support be immediate and expert so that research and teaching activities will not be interrupted.  The Institute for Quantum Computing houses sensitive and complex pieces of equipment which need constant supervision and technical support. The Assistant Director will work with the Facility Manager and the Faculty to develop and oversee controls on usage and protocols to ensure that these devices and the clean room are kept in peak condition.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

  1. Provide management and financial expertise that will ensure the day to day operation of the Institute for Quantum Computing is efficient, cost effective and supportive of the research and teaching activities.
  2. Manage all Human Resources issues for faculty and staff through effective supervision and communication to Institute employees, policy interpretation and application and liaison with Human Resources.
  3. Provide for the effective use and maintenance of space within the facility so that sensitive and expensive equipment and facilities are kept at peak condition and available to all.
  4. Establish and maintain effective and collaborative relationships with colleagues in the three faculties, the departments which provide infrastructure support to the Institute, staff, faculty and students within the institute and individuals and agencies both in government and industry.
  5. Provide relief for the Director from day to day operational issues within the facility so that the Director may focus on the teaching, learning and research that are fundamental to the mission of the Institute for Quantum Computing.

Working Conditions