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Research Assistant

Department: Centre for Behavioural Research and Program Evaluation (CBRPE) Effective Date: September, 2007
Grade: USG 6 Reports to: CBRPE Scientist

General Accountability

The Research Assistant is directly accountable to Barb Riley, CBRPE Scientist, and will liaise with other CBRPE administrative and scientific staff, as appropriate. The position will work on several grants and contracts, all of which focus on chronic disease prevention and health promotion. Projects contribute to advancing a prevention system within Canada, by influencing system change to enable the integration of research, evaluation, surveillance, policy and programs; building capacity to generate and use evidence required to inform policies and programs; and conducting research and evaluation studies with decision makers to inform cancer prevention. The position requires a motivated individual to work in a creative team environment. The successful applicant is expected to work both independently and collaboratively to advance CBRPE goals.


All staff employed at the Centre for Behavioural Research and Program Evaluation (CBRPE) are responsible for contributing to the mission of the organization:  “To create knowledge, relationships and resources that enable continuous improvement of population interventions.” More information can be found on the CBRPE web site (

Nature and Scope

CBRPE is a national program of the National Cancer Institute of Canada (NCIC) with funds from the Canadian Cancer Society (the Society).  The Centre was established in 1993 and moved to the University of Waterloo in 1997.  In addition to its core funding, CBRPE receives contracts and grants from various external funding agencies, such as Health Canada, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), and the Public Health Agency of Canada. CBRPE’s annual core budget is approximately $2.5 million, which is supplemented by approximately $5 million in externally funded research and evaluation grants and contracts.


Research is conducted through independent operating grants secured by CBRPE scientists in peer reviewed competitive cycles from national or international granting agencies.  CBRPE also supports and manages the Sociobehavioural Cancer Research Network (SCRN), which conducts multi-centre research projects and knowledge transfer activities across the country. Evaluation Studies is another major component of CBRPE’s work.  In addition to conducting evaluations for core Society programs and services, evaluations of provincial, national and international cancer control initiatives are undertaken from time to time.  CBRPE offers graduate and post-graduate training opportunities and exchange programs for visiting scholars and University of Waterloo (UW) faculty.  It fosters linkages between researchers and decision makers to ensure the relevance and exchange of research results to inform decision-making and ensure that research activities and evaluations have an impact on policy and programs.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions