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Administrative Supervisor and Scheduling Coordinator


School of Accountancy & Finance

Effective Date: September, 2011


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Administrative Officer

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Administrative Officer, who is charged with responsibility for all aspects of the School’s operation.  The incumbent is responsible for ensuring the smooth day-to-day, term-to-term and year-to-year operation of the BAFM and MAcc programs within established policies and procedures of the School of Accounting and Finance.  As the supervisor, the incumbent is expected to solve problems of an undergraduate/graduate nature that may arise for students, staff and faculty members and, in general, be a positive and helpful first point of contact in the School of Accounting and Finance administrative office.   The incumbent is expected to be fully conversant with many aspects of the School, especially undergraduate/graduate rules and regulations, in order to effectively assist students, the general community, and the program’s administration.  The incumbent provides administrative assistance and guidance to the Undergraduate and Graduate Studies Programs.  While the incumbent will report to the Administrative Officer, much of his/her work will be self-directed. Projects will often overlap, and it will be the responsibility of the incumbent to manage his/her time and priorities to ensure internal and external deadlines are met.

The incumbent should also have an awareness of the accounting and financial management professions.


Nature and Scope

The School of Accounting and Finance is a large and growing team comprised of 42 regular faculty members, approximately 20 adjunct instructors, and 18 staff members, plus coop students and casual employees.  Faculty members are highly professional, very research oriented, and maintain close ties with professional accounting institutes, societies and firms throughout the province.

The management structure consists of the Director, three Associate Directors (Graduate Program, Undergraduate Program, Research/PhD), a Graduate Officer and Undergraduate Officer with primary responsibility for the School’s academic programs, and the Administrative Officer.  The School’s Executive Committee is comprised of the individuals holding these positions and it is the major source of advice on formulation of general School policy.  A small number of other standing and ad hoc committees also provide advisory functions on various matters.

The School also embodies a large and varied mix of operating, research, trust and endowment funding, including seven Centres: The Centre for Accounting Education and Research (CARE), The Gordon H. Cowperthwaite Centre for Accounting Education (GHC), the Centre for Advanced Studies in Finance (CASF), The Deloitte & Touche Tax Education Centre, The UW Centre for Information Systems Assurance (CISA), and The Centre for Accounting Ethics (CAE), as well as two Chairs, five Professorships and one Fellowship.

The School of Accounting and Finance offers Masters (accounting, finance and taxation), Diploma (in Accounting, Information Technology, and Information Systems Assurance) and PhD academic programs.  On average there are 300 applications per year for these programs and the admission figures are as follows: MAcc 200; MTax 30; MFinance 10, Diplomas 10.

The School of Accounting and Finance also offers a four-year undergraduate program and on average there are more than 3000 applicants.  The annual admissions are approximately 450 accounting students (350 Arts/50 Mathematics/10 Science/40 Computing & Financial Management).  In total there are approximately 1100 students enrolled in the undergraduate program.


Statistical Data

Faculty complement:  42 regular faculty, 20 adjunct faculty

Undergraduate students – 1,100

Graduate students – MAcc program:  200, MTax program: 30,  PhD:  12

Number of undergraduate course sections 2010-11:  33 (Spring), 55 ( (Fall), 29 (Winter)

Number of MAcc graduate course sections 2010-11:  26 (Spring), 3 (Fall), 26 (Winter)


Specific Accountabilities



Scheduling Coordinator Duties

Undergraduate Program Administration

This position is on-going, full-time and contingent on funding.  Special projects and other duties may be assigned and are part of the responsibilities of this position.


Working Conditions