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Chem 13 News Editor

Department: Chemistry Effective Date: April, 2007
Grade: USG 7 Reports to:

General Accountability

The Chem 13 News editor will be responsible and accountable to the Chair of the University of Waterloo Chemistry Department for generating and publishing the magazine Chem 13 News.  The publication provides resources and materials for teachers of introductory chemistry, especially at the high school and first year college level.  Published since 1968, it has promoted the University of Waterloo as a leader in chemical education, and has approximately 2600 subscribers in 45 countries.

Nature and Scope

The editor is responsible for all aspects of publishing 9 monthly issues of Chem 13 News, with about 170 pages of content per year.  The position manages all production decisions from generating and selecting material, to determining budgets and timelines.  The editor must have an advanced understanding of chemistry and chemical education, along with an extensive knowledge of grammar, style, punctuation, and scientific language usage.  All issues must be written and edited to the highest standard to reflect well on the university.  The editor should be an effective representative of the University of Waterloo as the position involves a significant level of interaction with high school teachers and chemical educators outside of the university. 

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

1.        Select and organize all material published in Chem 13 News based on its interest, nature of the chemistry and relevance to chemistry teachers.


  2.        Generate content by soliciting contributions, researching ideas in chemical education, and developing a network of contributors.

3.        Edit and proofread material to ensure relevance, clarity and accuracy, for chemistry teachers.

4.        Research, collect and write materials/content such as advancements in chemistry, reports on conferences, and current events in chemical education. 

5.        Supervise the production team of one administrative staff, 6 volunteer proofreaders and dozens of contributors.

6.        Set and meet deadlines by coordinating timelines with the Graphics Department and Shipping Department. 

7.        Responsible for all key financial decisions such as grant applications, advertisement and subscription rates, and promotional costs. 

8.        Chair a 5-member board to make decisions on the direction and future of Chem 13 News.  

9.        Maintain and raise the profile of the magazine, through presenting and exhibiting at Chemical Education conferences, networking with teacher’s colleges and developing promotional tools.

10.      Apply to external agencies (e.g. NSERC PromoScience) for funding to aid in the publication and dissemination costs of Chem 13 News.


11.      Effectively communicate with contributors and subscribers to address feedback and respond to letters to the editor. 

12.      Maintain website and post online issues, along with researching and developing an online strategy for the future of Chem 13 News.   

Working Conditions