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Associate Director, Counselling Services

Date: June, 2014
Reports to (Job Title): Director, Counselling Services
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): None
Location: Main Campus

USG 15

35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

Reporting to the Director of Counselling Services (CS), the position of Associate Director (AD) encompasses both administrative and clinical responsibilities for the department which assist in the operations of the Service.

The primary focus of operations management of the AD is the coordination and management of the delivery of all clinical programs, procedures and services for CS in a manner that enhances:

The AD works with uWaterloo students, faculty and staff in providing clinical consultation and support to assist in the personal and developmental issues that are affecting individuals’ academic, personal and social functioning. As an effective and contributing team member, the AD consults with other mental health professionals as well as other uWaterloo departments, faculties and services to ensure the mental health needs of the uWaterloo community are being met through effective best practice and evidence-based programs and services.

The AD assumes full responsibility of the Director role in the Director’s absence.

Key Accountabilities:

1. Clinician Regulatory Management: The AD maintains the department’s knowledge of and compliance with legal and ethical standards of the Team members’ membership within their respective Regulated Health Professions. The incumbent ensures CS professional staff maintains College membership in compliance with their College’s quality assurance standards. The AD also ensures that non-regulated health professionals within CS are properly registered with the appropriate governing bodies.

2. Clinical Consultation: The AD oversees and ensures that all members of the CS Team have access to clinical consultation when required.  She/he prioritizes knowledge of Team members’ clinical caseloads and workplace well-being, and participates in related discussions. In addition, the AD supports the clinical team in the provision of consultation with other members of the Wellness Units (physicians, nurses, psychiatrists, etc.) as well as members of the uWaterloo community (e.g., academic advisors, student services, etc.) as required.

3. Assessment, Program Evaluation and Project Planning: The AD oversees the coordination of the collection, analysis, presentation and utilization of all data associated with student-client needs, client satisfaction and efficacy of service delivery.  She/he oversees operational planning and project management. 

4. Multidisciplinary Team Management: The AD provides leadership in the development and facilitation of multidisciplinary service delivery disposition teams in the provision of mental health treatment on campus.

5. Critical Response Management: The AD collaborates with the coordinator of CS’ Client Assignment Team to facilitate the delivery and ongoing evaluation of uWaterloo crisis response including an effective intake/triage management system, business hours crisis intervention and after hours on-call crisis response. The AD and the coordinator of the Client Assignment Team also coordinate and facilitate CS’ response for consultation and intervention for critical mental health situations for the uWaterloo community by providing support, assistance and guidance through debriefing, counselling intervention and consultation as well as liaising with uWaterloo Police Services and other off campus Police departments as required.

6. Student Psychological Assessment Management: The AD provides leadership and direction for the administrative coordination of psychological and psycho-educational assessment both on and off campus. She/he will collaborate with the mental health clinicians who are directly responsible for the coordination and provision of such services to assure timely and accurate assessment for students.

7. Clinical Responsibilities: The AD provides clinical interventions with individual clients though at a significantly reduced clinical load to allow for the AD to meet her/his administrative responsibilities. It is expected that approximately 20 - 25% of the AD’s time will be involved in the provision of clinical services.

8. Key Responsibilities In Support of Director

Position Requirements


Completion of a Master’s degree in a mental health field. Ph.D. degree in a related field beneficial. Licensed or eligible to be licenced within a Regulated Mental Health Profession within the province of Ontario.


Progressive clinical and administrative experience in a student-focused post-secondary environment with a background highlighted by mental health and student development expertise. Competencies will include strategic thinking, leadership, human resource management, organization, and communication as well as an appreciation of the benefits of collaborative intra- and inter-departmental functioning in an ever changing environment.


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Basic Basic Basic Not required

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Internally, the AD interacts regularly with the Director as well as other members of the CS Team, members of the counselling satellite offices, members of other student service departments (e.g. AccessAbility Services, Athletics & Recreation, Centre for Career Action, Co-op Education, Health Services, Human Resources, Police Services, Registrar’s Offices, Student Success Office, etc.) and members of academic units. In addition, the AD interacts regularly with Manager, Wellness Administration in regards to administrative aspects of delivery of service.

Externally, the AD interacts with partners in other post-secondary counselling centres as well as members of community mental health agencies, professionals and with hospitals. She/he is responsible for maintaining and enhancing strategic working relationships in all of these areas within the parameters of her/his role responsibilities.

Level of Responsibility:

The AD is responsible and accountable to the Director of CS in the development and execution of all operations and strategies related to CS and the mental health of the uWaterloo community.

Decision-Making Authority:

The AD performs her/his duties conscientiously and responsibly, adheres to high personal standards of behaviour with students, colleagues, members of the University community and clients of the University, and in a manner consistent with the ethics of her/his own profession. The AD has final decision-making authority for all items outlined above. She/he stands in with full responsibility and authority of the Director, CS in the Director’s absence.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Minimal demands typical of a clinical and administrative position operating within an office environment.

Working Environment:

The position is exposed to stress and pressure associated with senior clinical and administrative responsibilities. It involves moderate psychological risk resulting from difficult and unavoidable exposure to disagreeable and uncomfortable environmental and psychological conditions. There will be unusual hours and schedules, participation in the AccessAbility Services, Athletics & Recreation, Centre for Career Action, Co-op Education, Health Services, Human Resources, Police Services, Registrar’s Offices, Student Success Office.

The position involves the stresses associated with an on-call system, multiple and/or tight deadlines beyond one’s control, and constant interruptions.