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Senior Manager, Research Insights

Date: July, 2013
Reports to (Job Title): Associate Director, Communications and External Relations
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): None
Department: Institute for Quantum Computing


Waterloo Campus


USG 12
35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

Reporting to the Associate Director, Communications and External Relations, the Senior Manager Research Development provides executive support to the Executive Director, Deputy Director and IQC faculty members in research development and grants facilitation.  Additionally, the Senior Manager acts as a significant member of the External Relations team as liaison to the active research within IQC and provides insight and support to the government relations activities.




The mission of the Institute for Quantum Computing is to advance fundamental experimental and theoretical knowledge in relevant areas of Engineering, Mathematics and Science to enhance developments in the field of Quantum Computation and Information Processing. To achieve this mission, the Institute brings together the best researchers and students from around the world in Computing, Engineering, Mathematical and Physical Sciences.


It is IQC’s strategic objective to become a world-class centre for research in quantum technologies and their applications. The Senior Manager will be responsible for supporting the world-class research endeavours undertaken by IQC faculty and researchers. The Senior Manager’s responsibilities include:


To affect these goals the Senior Manager must be a strategic thinker and possess keen awareness and knowledge of research processes, granting agencies and government policies. The incumbent must have direct experience in applying for, managing and reporting on complex research grants.






Research Grants:

$10,676,418 in research grants received in 2012/13




Current: 20 faculty members including 3 research assistant professors. Within 5 years IQC will more than double its total researchers (faculty, staff and students) to more than 200 people.  At inception in 2002 IQC had 4 researchers.

Key Accountabilities:


Research Development

  • This position will assist IQC faculty with all phases of the grant life cycle, including identification of opportunities, coordination of the application process, and, in certain instances, overseeing the management of grants. This process requires active relationships with several internal and external stakeholders, as well as UW policies and procedures. It also includes active monitoring of known sources of funding and seeking out of new sources and programs. To be effective, these activities must be undertaken within the scope of IQC faculty’s research.
  • Sufficient research funding is essential for IQC Strategic Objective 1, and is necessary for Objective 2, as HQP are attracted by quality facilities and paid for with research funds.
  • Work with the Executive Director and Deputy Director, Research in developing long-term strategic plans for research within IQC;
  • Encourage and help facilitate cross-departmental links, interdisciplinary research, collaborative partnerships, knowledge mobilization activities, and the development of research initiatives;
  • Create and manage select research events such as conferences, seminars, workshops, and special lectures;
  • Promote research excellence at IQC by supporting the Executive Director and Deputy Director, Research in developing nominations for the Canada Research Chairs Program, the Royal Society Fellowships, along with other national and international awards .
  • Work with the Executive Director and Deputy Director, Research, and with other senior faculty to develop formal and informal mentoring strategies at IQC that are targeted toward new faculty, graduate students, and researchers;
  • Build and maintain an archive of research-related information that can be used for research promotion, graduate student and faculty recruitment, and development purposes;
  • Develop and maintain a reference database of researcher areas of expertise and research to enable the identification of potential research collaborations, grants eligibility, research strengths etc.


Research Grants Facilitation

  • Work with the Executive Director and Deputy Director, Research to increase the number and success rate of IQC grant applications for both faculty and graduate students competing in Tri-Council and other competitions;
  • Provide direct support to researchers applying for internal or external research grants by providing pre-submission consulting and guidance;
  • Provide direct support to researchers applying for internal or external research grants by providing substantive feedback (comments, suggestions for revision etc.) on content and presentation, and, where required, editorial assistance; 
  • Provide indirect support for researchers applying for internal or external research grants by distributing timely information and help sheets (e.g. grant deadlines, FAQs, grant writing tips, internal peer reviewer lists, proposal templates, etc.); 
  • Engage directly in the writing of grant proposals for select grant applications (e.g. CRCs, CFIs, and larger collaborative, partnership or institutional grants); 
  • Act as Program Coordinator for the NSERC CREATE Program on Neutron Science and Engineering of Functional Materials
  • Where appropriate, manage other awarded grants or provide mentorship to other IQC staff on awards management, including stakeholder relations, reporting, policy development, media development, etc.
  • Liaise with the Office of Research grants officers and financial managers to ensure appropriate grant and project management processes to ensure that quality grant applications are delivered in a timely fashion and meet university requirements; 
  • Provide annual or semi-annual grant-writing seminars for faculty and graduate students;
  • Participate in professional development opportunities (e.g. CAURA conferences, grant-writing workshops etc.) to ensure up-to-date knowledge and professional skills; and
  • Provide support, as appropriate, for graduate students applying to the Canada Graduate Scholarship, NSERC, OGS, the Trudeau Scholarship, the Rhodes Scholarship, post-doctoral fellowships etc.




  • Liaise with the members of the External Relations team to publicize and promote IQC research, collaborations, and individual research projects (e.g. through news releases, researcher profiles, etc.);
  • Manage and expand research-related content on the Research section of the IQC website and liaise with members of the External Relations team to keep the IQC website up to date in terms of research at IQC;
  • Promote a lively and collegial internal research culture by providing, as appropriate, multiple opportunities (forums, events, seminars, workshops, etc.) for researchers to meet informally and develop shared interests and initiatives in conjunction with the IQC Events Manager;
  • Maintain a familiarity with trends in higher education and research funding through regular consultation with publications such as University Affairs, the CAUT Bulletin, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and other relevant publications;
  • Maintain a familiarity with research trends, initiatives, and goals within the University through regular consultation with UW’s Strategic Research Plan, the University’s Decade Plans, Office of Research reports and brochures, etc.


Institutional Development/Government Relations

  • Assist senior decision makers within IQC, including the Executive Director, with strategic implementation of initiatives for long-term success of the institute
  • Work with the Executive Director on all elements of IQC's developing government relations strategy
  • Monitor and report regularly on federal and provincial government players (agencies and individuals) and their changing priorities viz. scientific investment
  • Organize, and compose certain sections of, funding applications with an eye to the long-term viability of the IQC
  • Attend briefing meetings with key government personnel to inform, raise awareness, and interpret the benefits of IQC to those people
  • Attend key events, meetings, forums and conferences where relevant government representatives will be present



  • In conjunction with top IQC decision makers, develop metrics of performance for the IQC, in absolute value and relative to other similar institutes nationally and internationally

Position Requirements


Master’s or Doctorate degree in physics, mathematics, computer science, or engineering.


Proven ability to manage multi-institutional and multi-stakeholder initiatives, including funding applications, from a university environment.


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Advanced Basic Advanced LATEX and other scientific tools would be beneficial

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Internally, the incumbent will initiate and maintain contact and professional working relationships with senior personnel in the IQC, the University’s Office of Research, Government Relations, and with the President’s and Vice President’s Office, science institutes and centers around the world, and specific scientific collaborating institutes around the world that focus on Quantum Computing. Incumbent will interact with international researchers, government officials, and scientific personnel.

Level of Responsibility:

The position is responsible and accountable for the results of research granting initiatives at IQC. Incumbent is responsible for preparing, presenting and evaluating grant strategies on complex research; responsible for coordinating with various research organizations both nationally and internationally. Must be comfortable dealing with high-level international researchers and government officials.

Decision-Making Authority:

Accountable for establishing priorities for proposal development, timelines and deadlines as required for granting councils.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Minimal demands typical of a senior staff position operating within an office environment.

Working Environment:

Minimal exposure to disagreeable conditions typical of a senior staff position exposed to stress and pressure associated with senior level responsibilities.