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Geospatial Services Librarian

Date: January 26, 2016
Reports to (Job Title): Head, Information Services and Resources, Dana Porter Library
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): GIS Specialist; Library Associate, Geospatial Centre
Department: Library


Geospatial Centre, Dana Porter Library, Main Campus


USG 8-13
35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

The Geospatial Services Librarian is the Coordinator of the Geospatial Centre and responsible for the development and coordination of Geospatial Centre activities for the Library. He/she is accountable for developing, coordinating, delivering, monitoring, assessing, and advancing the use of mapping and geospatial resources for the University of Waterloo community through the Library.  He/she works in close collaboration with colleagues within the Library and campus partners to develop and support services around the use of maps and geospatial data for research, teaching and learning.

Key Accountabilities:

1.  As a member of Porter Information Services and Resources (ISR),the Librarian:



2.  As the Librarian who is responsible for the daily activities and advancement of the Geospatial Centre (GSC)  and supervising staff, the incumbent:



3.  As the Librarian accountable for geospatial information service development and delivery, the incumbent:



4.  As a Librarian providing instruction or support for instructional activities, the incumbent:



5.  As a Librarian responsible for collection management of geospatial centre resources, the incumbent:

Position Requirements


ALA-accredited Master of Library & Information Science degree, or equivalent,GIS training or certificate.


Proven ability to work effectively in a service-oriented environment, which values collaboration and collegiality, and to interact with all staff in a respectful and sensitive manner

Experience in effectively leading and managing staff or team projects, including staff development and coaching as well as the use of participatory, evidence-based decision-making principles and processes

Ability to identify and evaluate new opportunities effectively and efficiently, including managing multiple and simultaneous projects, ensuring their feasibility and sustainability

Demonstrated experience in addressing challenges and opportunities associated with a rapidly changing environment







MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Intermediate Advanced Basic Advanced (see Technical Above)

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Internally, communicates with employees in all groups and departments throughout the University community and at all levels to gather ideas, envision, articulate, update and inform on projects s/he is leading or otherwise accountable for. Externally, communicates frequently with vendors and colleagues at other institutions in order to execute work.

Level of Responsibility:

The position is responsible and accountable for day-to-day running and advancement of the geospatial centre, staffing, information service development and delivery, collection management  and instruction. 

Decision-Making Authority:

Responsible and accountable for the development and maintenance of high quality user-focused services & information resources in the Geospatial Centre.  As required, the position consults with the Department Heads, ISR, and members of the Library Managers Group.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Minimal exposure to disagreeable conditions typical of an office position exposed to stress and pressure associated with those responsibilities.

Working Environment:

Minimal exposure to disagreeable conditions typical of an office position exposed to stress and pressure associated with those responsibilities