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Maintenance Project Co-ordinator/Designer/Inspector

Department: Plant Operations, Design and Construction Services Effective Date: July, 2013

USG 10-11

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Director Design and Construction Services/University Architect

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Director Design and Construction Services/University Architect and to the Director Maintenance and Utilities for the provision of design services, contract administration, co-ordination and inspection of maintenance, repair, facilities upgrade and Housing projects.


The incumbent will report to the Director Design and Construction Services/University Architect as it relates to daily activity, work load and performance reviews . He/She will be  required to communicate and consult with the Director  Maintenance and Utilities as to project scheduling and design requirements on an ongoing basis.


The incumbent is expected to monitor and track all projects submitted to the Capital Repair and Facilities Renewal Programs. He/She is to ensure all time lines for approved projects are met and prepare and process all forms and documentation required to close out projects both fiscally and physically.


The Maintenance Project Co-ordinator/Designer/Inspector  will research project  requirements and new approaches and technology where required, develop project scopes, determine appropriate methods of accomplishment, prepare or have prepared by outside consultants ( for large in-house maintenance jobs ) cost estimates, drawings and specifications required for tendering.


The project co-ordinator will perform facility condition assessments and job site inspections of work in progress. Perform construction project management with the assistance of required trades personnel and the Maintenance & Utilities Group and the Custodial & Grounds Group supervisory staff. He/She will keep daily logs, negotiate change orders for approval by the Director Design and Construction Services/University Architect, inspect projects for compliance with contract drawings and specifications and perform final acceptance inspections.

Nature and Scope

The Design and Construction Services Section of Plant Operations consists of three disciplines; Architectural/Furnishings, Engineering and Construction Co-ordination/Inspection, each staffed with several personnel and led by the Director Design and Construction Services/University Architect. The incumbent is required to work with minimal supervision.


Projects are received by the Design & Construction Section as work requests from the Plant Operations Maintenance Sections and/or from other organization units with whom the incumbent must communicate. Tender documents, working drawings and job instructions are used to enter into contract for work to be performed by external contractors. The incumbent is responsible for preparing or having prepared reports, estimates, drawings and specifications and ensuring that the work is performed in accordance with the drawings and specifications, good workmanship standards and meets the University’s requirements.


Some projects may be multi-disciplinary in nature and most will be of one specific discipline.


The incumbent will have frequent oral and written communications with Department Directors and Supervisory staff regarding the development and status of facility maintenance projects. Relationships with the supervisor are characterized by such activities as project request recommendations, estimates, construction status reports, facility condition surveys, capital budget requests and other budgetary and work management reports as required.


On larger projects the incumbent will co-ordinate the design process with outside consultants. He / She will attend  meetings, organize the site visits, provide input in the preparation of the bidder’s lists, review tender results and recommend approval to the Director Design and Construction Services/University Architect.


Following award of contract, the incumbent will work closely with the Plant Operations Maintenance Group, the contractor and the external consultants where applicable to organize the project.

Regular activities would include; arranging for contractor access (keys, parking etc...), reserving or scheduling space to permit the work to take place, verifying the site conditions prior to work commencing by the contractor, inspecting the work regularly to ensure that the work is progressing on schedule and according to the plans and specifications, co-ordinating contractor and University forces e.g. for tie-ins to mechanical and electrical systems, responding promptly and courteously to client complaints and concerns, anticipating and resolving problems due to site conditions, certifying labour on time and material projects, verifying that contractor’s invoices agree with the actual work completed, preparing certificates of payment for  approval by the Director Design and Construction Services/University Architect, evaluating and preparing change orders, ensuring that all documentation (notice to Ministry of Labour, bonds, insurance, permits, “as-built” drawings, etc...) are submitted in a timely manner.


This position has a direct influence on the safety, quality of construction and value received. The operation of the University is directly affected by how well the work is co-ordinated with both the contractors and the University Community to minimize disruption to the teaching and research activity.


Numerous projects are underway at any time, the incumbent must therefore be well organized to be successful.

Statistical Data

Approximately 400 work requests, with a total construction value of over five million dollars, are processed annually by the Design and Construction Services section. This does not include special projects i.e. Additions to or new buildings which are administered by Plant Operations and designed by outside consultants. Of the 400 work requests approximately 30 are for facility renewal and maintenance projects.

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions