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Manager of Information and Data Resources

Department: Propel Centre for Population Heath Impact (Propel) Effective Date: September 12, 2006


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Project Director and Project Coordinators

General Accountability

This position has two major areas of responsibility.  First, the incumbent will be responsible for facilitating the acquisition, storage, retrieval and synthesis of scholarly information.  This includes setting up and maintaining the PROPEL resource centre (a small collection of library materials); responding to requests for information; performing comprehensive searches of the research literature on behalf of investigators and staff; and training staff, students and researchers to how to conduct systematic searches and use the PROPEL library.  The second focus of the job relates to the management of data resources.  This includes responsibility for the creation and management of the PROPEL’s data repository; overseeing the creation of meta-data; creating policies and implementing procedures to ensure files are secure and comply with relevant ethics and technical standards; creating policies and procedures to facilitate the sharing of data with appropriate users; facilitating the collection and depositing of new data sets; overseeing the loading of data files; creating search tools for locating and retrieving data in accordance with policy; creating and maintaining user guidelines and tools; and training students, staff, and investigators in the use of the repository.  The incumbent will collaborate with the Project Directors and the Project Coordinators toward achieving major project objectives.  The incumbent reports to: both the Project Director and the Project Coordinators (if assigned).

Nature and Scope

i)  The Organization

The Propel Centre for Population Health Impact is a partnership between the Canadian Cancer Society and the University of Waterloo.  Propel collaborates and partners with these and other leaders in science, policy and practice across Canada and beyond. Propel is a new entity that builds on the Canadian Cancer Society founded Centre for Behavioural Research and Program Evaluation (CBRPE) by bringing together staff from CBRPE and the Population Health Research Group (PHR). Propel is a collaborative enterprise that conducts solution-oriented research, evaluation and knowledge exchange to accelerate improvements in the health of populations.  The Centre is only one of its kind in Canada, demonstrating the unique vision that the University of Waterloo and the Canadian Cancer Society share.


We work with urgency to inform and improve policies and programs that impact health at a population level.  Our initial priorities are tobacco control, youth health, active living and healthy eating, and quality of life.

The goal of the Centre is to position itself as one of the six Centre’s of Excellence in the UW 6th Decade plan.  As a result, investigator engagement from UW and externally is essential.  The Centre has a national and international mandate. 


ii)  Major Challenges of the Position

The position requires an ability to think critically and analytically, drawing upon a sound basis of research education and experience. The position also requires sound written and verbal communication, decision-making, organization, attention to detail, and time management.

The position requires the ability to communicate clearly and succinctly with Investigators drawn from both UW and other institutions and with staff.

The incumbent will be required to function well as a member of the research team and as an integral part of the larger PROPEL team.

The incumbent may also contribute to the PROPEL research agenda by assisting with the preparation of scientific papers and grant proposals.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Library Needs



Data Repository Needs

Working Conditions