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Director, Organizational & Human Development (OHD)

Date: October, 2011 USG 14
Reports to (Job Title): Associate Provost, Human Resources
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): Senior OHD Co-ordinator, OHD Co-ordinator, Administrative Co-ordinator (3)
Location: UWaterloo Campus

Primary Purpose

Accountable for the development , implementation, operational effectiveness and administration of OHD programs and policies by providing comprehensive learning and development programs for Staff Faculty and Students. Responsible for contributing to the long term strategic direction of the overall University of Waterloo Human Resources plan. 

Key Accountabilities:

1.Establishes the direction and priorities for OHD Department:

  • Key Contributor in the development of the long-term vision and planning for all OHD services for all UWaterloo employees in Canada
  • Develops the OHD Staffing plan for the Organizational & Human Development  Department
  • Develops the Annual Departmental plans and priorities in conjunction with OHD Long term goals. 
  • Participates in the HR Director’s Management Meetings in developing both the short and long term plans

2.Responsible for the implementation and achievement of Annual Plans:

  • Ensures the department’s Annual Plans are delivered efficiently and on time. 
  • Develops, monitors and adheres to the annual OHD  administrative budget
  • Partners with University departments and academic units to provide OHD counsel

3.Responsible for creating and managing the strategic direction of OHD services to all areas across U Waterloo including, the following areas:

  • Develops partnership/relationships  to proactively present opportunities of OHD/HR’s role
  • Consult and recommend  custom learning and development activities.
  • Lead the engagement strategy for identified university groups including Academic & Non-academic,  Directors, Managers, supervisors and frontline employees
  • Lead or co-lead growth program including alternate delivery methods for training workshops
  • Establishes and ensures adherence to UWaterloo policies and Guidelines as appropriate
  • Provides timely, clear communication of new programs, program changes or other relevant OHD news
  • Develops partnerships with key stakeholders within and external to the University.

4.Ensures the effective utilization, deployment and development of people and capital resources:

  • Deploys staff to most productively meet department goals and objectives.
  • Coaches, trains and develops employees to assure growth and development of those individuals. 
  • Approves Annual Performance Plans and conducts regular reviews with direct reports, and ensures adherence to Annual Performance Planning and Review process within the department. 
  • Approves and controls the hiring, staffing, promotion, discipline and termination of department employees. 

5.Represents the University of Waterloo from a OHD  perspective: 

  • Liaises externally with professional, community and government organizations, and agencies on behalf of the University of Waterloo. 
  • Supports, communicates, and reinforces the mission, values, philosophy, and culture of the University of Waterloo
  • Provides expertise to the University Advisory Committee on Diversity, Staff Training and Development Committee, and the Honorary Members Committee.
  • Externally represents Waterloo at the University Training Learning and Education Committee & Newsgroup
  • Externally represents Waterloo as a member of the Tri University Training & Development group.


Financial Accountability:

The role is has primary responsibility for the OHD Department budget.

Position Requirements


University degree combined with Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) designation and/or Certified Training Practitioner™  (CTP)or Certified Training and Development Professional™ (CTDP)


5 – 10 years of progressive business experience with a proven track record of achievement and success within Organizational Development, Training & Learning.  Competencies will include strategic thinking, people management, interpersonal, organizational and communication skills.


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Intermediate Intermediate Expert other

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

:  Internally, communicates with senior leadership and other senior employees across all areas (Faculty, Staff, and CUPE) to deal with, influence and motivate.

Level of Responsibility:

The position is responsible and accountable for contributing to the results of the overall University of Waterloo HR plan and is responsible for meeting the OHD objectives.  The position is also expected to be forward looking, aware of trends and bring innovative and creative concepts and opportunities to the Human Resources strategy leaders team.

Decision-Making Authority:

Responsible and accountable for establishing the priorities of OHD for areas of responsibility and addressing the changes to strategic plans by consulting directly with the Associate Provost, Provost and other senior leaders.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Minimal demands typical of a senior leadership position operating within an office environment.

Working Environment:

Minimal exposure to disagreeable conditions typical of a senior leadership position exposed to stress and pressure associated with senior level responsibilities.