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Senior Instructional Developer, Graduate Programs and Internationalization

Department: Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) Effective Date: January 1, 2009

USG 12

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Associate Director

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Associate Director of the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE). This position has three main areas of responsibility. First, the incumbent is responsible for developing, supervising and implementing instructional development programming aimed at graduate students from all six faculties. Such programming refers to, but is not limited to, the Certificate in University Teaching, International Teaching Assistant (ITA) training and graduate student professional development. Second, the incumbent is responsible for hiring, training and supervising the activities and professional development of the CTE TA Developers. Third, the incumbent is responsible for developing and facilitating programming for faculty members in the area of internationalization. This area of responsibility requires close co-operation with the Office of the Associate Vice President (International) and Waterloo International. The incumbent could be offered the opportunity to teach one course a year as an adjunct professor in an area of his or her expertise. The incumbent will also be eligible to apply for a 3-4 month study leave.

Nature and Scope

General Organization and Responsibilities of the CTE


The CTE’s mission is to provide leadership in the promotion, development, and advancement of excellence in teaching and learning at the University of Waterloo. Using a model of continuous improvement, the CTE:


The CTE Director, a part-time seconded faculty member, reports to the Associate Vice-President-Academic.  One Associate Director (AD) reports to the Director and has various staff positions reporting to her/him.  Other positions reporting to the Director include an Administrative Assistant. 

 Organizational Relationships

This position directly reports to the Associate Director. 


Four Senior Instructional Developers, a Program Assistant, and a Program Coordinator also report to the Associate Director. The Senior Instructional Developer supervises three to four part-time graduate-student Teaching Assistants. Each Assistant works 10 hours per week, and his or her responsibilities include: observing graduate students in teaching situations; writing reports on those teaching observations; facilitating micro-teaching sessions; meeting with the graduate-student teachers to discuss the reports; developing and delivering workshops on teaching-related topics; and marking response papers that participants have submitted after having participated in workshops.  The Senior Instructional Developer will also help the Assistants to handle and resolve participant complaints, and works closely with the Program Assistant.


The following challenges characterize this position: 1) the position requires that the incumbent has a good understanding of current issues and best practices related to preparing future faculty for their teaching roles; 2) the position requires extensive knowledge of the emerging area of internationalizing the curriculum; 3) because the position involves instructional programming for faculty members and graduate students from all six faculties, the incumbent must have an  understanding of discipline-specific teaching contexts and practices; and 4) due to the increase in graduate student enrolments, including international graduate students, the incumbent should be able to design and manage large-enrollment instructional training programs for graduate students as well as specialized training programs aimed at specific groups, such as International TAs.  Other challenges include scheduling the observation of teaching events for graduate student participants in the CTE programs given the part-time nature of the TAs’ jobs, handling cases of plagiarism and dealing with graduate students who have difficult personalities and/or those who, despite our and their best efforts, fail to make good progress.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Program Management and Development


Program Development

 Research and Analysis

Liaison/Communication Work


Working Conditions