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Administrative Coordinator IOBP

Department: School of Optometry Effective Date: March,2009


35 hr/wk

Reports to:

General Accountability

The incumbent is responsible to the International Optometric Bridging Program Director for the smooth and efficient administration of the International Optometric Bridging Program and for assistance as required.

Nature and Scope

The International Optometric Bridging Program evaluates and assesses the qualifications of optometrists with International Optometric degrees, and provides educational bridging programs allowing them to qualify to write national licensing examinations. Currently, two bridging programs are offered. Bridging One is a six week orientation program taking place twice per year. Bridging Two is a 48 week program encompassing lectures and clinical instruction as well as practical experience through a clinical externship placement.


The administrative coordinator is the first point of contact for potential International Optometric Bridging Program participants. This contact includes in-person, telephone, written and/or email. She/he will create files for each potential participant and assist with the in-depth screening of admission documents.The incumbent’s role in this step of the process is to guide applicants through the application process and to assist them during the program. This often requires several interactions with each potential applicant. Once candidates are accepted into the program, the administrative coordinator assists with obtaining financial assistance, procures necessary optometric equipment, housing, liaising with other optometric organizations such as regulatory bodies and national board organizations.


The incumbent must be able to work independently, with accuracy and attention to detail. There are many aspects of the position that rely on these skills and assets such as meeting specific publication deadlines, government reporting, creation of schedules. The director of the program is a P-T position which adds significant responsibility to the incumbent to be able to work independently and use initiative as required. The incumbent will possess the ability to relate well to School faculty, staff, government officials, optometrists outside of the school and students. This includes offering patience and understanding for program candidates who often speak English as a second language. The incumbent will be expected to undertake all these duties in a reliable, consistent, conscientious and professional manner. The incumbent must be willing to take on new tasks as assigned and remain flexible with regard to specific assigned tasks. He/she must have a proven ability to work with confidential material. She/he will be expected to show a generally helpful and collegial matter to all members of the School of Optometry as wells as visitors to the School.  The incumbent will be expected to undertake other duties, which may be assigned by the International Optometric Bridging Program director. He/she must maintain effective administration of all matters concerning the bridging program by administrative support and thorough knowledge of the International Optometric Bridging Program and the steps and processes for application.

Statistical Data

Operating budget                                              ~$1M per year

Purchases                                                           signing authority unlimited

Specific Accountabilities

Program Delivery


Liaising with potential Bridging students


Admissions Process



Coordination of Program Delivery

Working Conditions

Much of the time is spent sitting in a comfortable position in a shared office with frequent ability to move about. There is a frequent need to give close attention to various stimuli such as numerous phone calls, written material and information given verbally to prospective students. Occasional heavy lifting required, and delivery of various necessities throughout the four levels of the school. There are deadline pressures, while at the same time there is a demand for thoroughness and accuracy.