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Director, Campus Life

Department: Federation of Students Effective Date: September, 2012


35 hr/wk

Reports to: General Manager

General Accountability

The Director, Campus Life oversees development and implementation of services related to the Federation’s mission to serve, empower and represent the undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo. Student needs vary greatly, and thus an integrated, strategic and student-driven approach to creating an engaged and meaningful experience is necessary.  This position reports to the General Manager and Vice-President Internal.

Nature and Scope

The Director engages in consultation and collaboration with all areas of the university community to move the Federation’s mission forward. The Director is the senior leader within the organization for providing services and programming to undergraduate students. The incumbent will require a high level of strategic and organizational skills, to coordinate a meaningful and consistent vision to the Federation’s campus life initiatives. The position will oversee the non-commercial, non-support area services within the Feds, including the Clubs department, Services department, Academic Awareness and Diversity Campaigns and Special Events department.

The position will provide structure and processes for consistency across all campus life initiatives, to ensure a comprehensive student experience. The Director must be knowledgeable about current students, as well as apply current research and consultation methods to develop an engaging, meaningful and empowering student experience for all undergraduate students.


Statistical Data

The incumbent oversees a departmental budget of approximately $40000 per year, and assists with the management of the service budgets, which amount to approximately $45000 per year.

Specific Accountabilities

  1. Maintaining and updating the framework and structure under which all the recognized clubs and services operate.
  2. Managing clubs finances and assisting the VP Internal with services finances. 
  3.  Providing support to faculty societies as needed.
  4. Operating as the communications coordinator for clubs.
  5. Conducting risk assessment and event planning management for all club and service events that are awaiting approval from the Federation of Students.
  6. Review submitted society event forms.

Working Conditions

Some evening and weekend work or long hours may be required.