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Administrative Assistant/Undergraduate Coordinator Nanotechnology Engineering

Date: February, 2016
Reports to (Job Title): Administrative Officer, ChE and Director - Nanotechnology Programs
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): None
Department: Chemical Engineering (ChE)


Main Campus: Quantum-Nano Cenetre (QNC)


35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

This position is two-fold.  One as Undergraduate Administrative Coordinator and the second as Administrative Assistant to the Director of the Nano Program.  The Undergraduate Administrative Coordinator’s role is responsible for the interpretation and advisement of university and faculty academic policies and procedures as they relate to current students.  The incumbent is responsible for academic counselling and development/implementation of academic services for the undergraduate program.  As the Administrative Assistant, this role supports the Director and Associate Director of the program by providing financial reports, correspondence and promotional activities.

Key Accountabilities:


Student Advising

  • First point of contact with the Program
  • Requires high degree of knowledge of academic progression rules and graduation requirements to advise students regarding course selections and oversees their progress within the program to ensure successful graduation
  • Provides knowledgeable guidance to students concerning their choice of program, selection of options and minors and course selection within the context of their goals
  • Facilitates resolution of academic problems, conflicts, concerns as appropriate
  • Provides skillful and tactful advising by phone, in person, in writing; sensitive to the needs of a wide client base including students on stream and on co-op, students registered with Office for persons with Disabilities, international exchange students
  • Analyzes student grade reports to ensure promotion decisions are correct
  • Monitors progress of academically “at risk” students and works proactively with them to encourage their success and continued enrolment
  • Liaises between students and faculty/departments to facilitate appropriate resolution of disputes and advocate appropriately in order to directly and positively impact student degree progress
  • Authority to admit students into various Nano courses
  • Approves exemptions for returning students, transfer credits for students returning from international exchange, changes to academic standings, requests to graduate, co-op stream switches, grade revisions
  • Monitor, evaluate and communicate academic standings to ensure each student has met academic requirements
  • Advises students how to prepare academic or grade appeals
  • Provides advice to students in crisis.  Immediate action may be required to connect students with university resources (e.g., Counselling Services). 
  • Consults with Associate Director regarding exceptional cases of admission or promotion
  • Consults when necessary with advisors and faculty in other academic units
  • Consults with Director of Admissions regarding advanced admissions to confirm exemptions and future term course planning to accommodate exemptions, work term report submissions, PDEng and Co-op program details


Undergraduate Program Administration

  • Handles, executes all DCU scheduling of the Nanotechnology Engineering (NE) undergraduate timetable
  • Prepares files and documentation for EE&P
  • Attends EE&P meetings when Associate Director is unavailable
  • Maintains Student Blocks Online database, updates and arranges course information
  • Provides pre-enrolment course blocks and student blocks to Registrar’s Office
  • Adds and maintains future term course offerings in the CEM database
  • Coordinates, assists and collects accreditation information of CEAB as well as preparing accreditation documents
  • Checks weekly error reports to ensure students are properly registered and act as liaison between student and Registrar’s Office
  • Provide enrolment projections to assist with undergraduate course scheduling
  • Ensure all grades are collected, recorded and submitted
  • Assists Associate Director to plan and implement changes to the degree requirements and course descriptions; communicates/consults with relevant academic units when necessary regarding proposed changes
  • Recommends students for consideration for Convocation Awards
  • Prepares midterm exam schedules and requests room bookings for final exams


Event Planning

  • Schedules divisional meetings
  • Coordinates annual Capstone Design symposium
  • Plans and executes Frosh welcome each year
  • Plans and organizes all aspects of the Convocation Reception celebrations for students and families
  • Organizes Dean’s Honor Reception, Meet the Prof events



  • Update information to SharePoint site for students
  • Edits Nanotechnology Engineering sections in the Undergraduate calendar
  • Disseminate undergraduate scholarship and award information to students and liaise with Student Awards Office
  • Participate in Engineering Advisors Committee meetings
  • Respond to wide range of enquiries from prospective and current UW student, alumni and campus colleagues



  • Trains staff regarding departmental, faculty and UW policies and procedures relative to undergraduate program
  • Responsible for collecting work term reports and entering the work report information in the Work Report database (web-based), tracking and reports, updating and maintaining information on database


Administrative Assistant

  • Supports Director and Associate Director
  • Provides reports as requested
  • Set up meetings with the ChE, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Chemistry departments on an ongoing basis for Director and Chairs to meet

Position Requirements


Post-secondary degree or equivalent education and/or experience.


Two years academic advising and/or related experience in higher education providing academic guidance.


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Intermediate Intermediate Basic Quest, SharePoint, Outlook, Infosilem

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Incumbent must act with sensitivity and discretion when dealing with students and parents/guardians.  Position must maintain high level of professionalism and confidentiality and knowledge to handle volume and complex nature of inquiries and to provide effective liaison between Nano, ChE, ECE, Chemistry and other departments.

Level of Responsibility:

Advisor has a strong influence on student success.  Growing number of students at risk or with mental health problems requires specialized advising competencies.  Duties are to be performed are within established policies and procedures and according to established calendar of events under minimal supervision.  Errors could adversely affect credibility of department which in turn could affect recruitment and retention of students.

Decision-Making Authority:

Must have a good understanding of the policies and regulations pertaining to the University Calendar.  Expected to use judgement to make decisions based on existing policies and procedures.  Extraordinary issues are referred to Associate Chair of faculty advisors.  Errors in decision or information could impede the academic programs of a student.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Distractions and interruptions.  Must possess mental fortitude and patience in cross-cultural and inter-personal relations with large international clientele.

Working Environment:

Frequent interruptions and multiple demands from multiple clients.  Critical periods throughout the academic year.