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Administrative and Research Assistant to the Director

Department: Waterloo Institute for Health Informatics Research Effective Date: Nov. 25, 2004
Grade: USG 5 Reports to:

General Accountability

Reporting to the Director, Waterloo Institute for Health Informatics Research (WIHIR), the Administrative and Research Assistant (ARA) provides secretarial support and assists with the administration, accounts management, budgeting and budget modeling of the Institute. The ARA will work with the Director and Managing Director in supporting and implementing research and research programs with industry, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government and post-secondary institutions. This position is designed to bridge and maintain a working relationship with the Office of Research and Finance. The incumbent will continually develop and maintain a data bank to track funding for the past, present and potential WIHIR sponsors/partners. Careful management of the finances of WIHIR, its relationship with faculty and staff involved in its research programs, oversight of its other research activities, and liaison with internal and external agencies and partners will ensure its continued, successful operation.

Nature and Scope

WIHIR is a trans-disciplinary research collaborative dedicated to the advancement of health through the discovery and development of new Health Informatics concepts and tools. WIHIR is one of the few institutes focused on Health Informatics research in North America and the first institute of its kind at a Canadian University.  WIHIR is comprised of over 55 members from faculties and departments across campus.

The following positions report directly to the Director of WIHIR:



The incumbent is responsible for providing administrative support, budget management and modeling, accounts management, and for providing research support for WIHIR’s programs in areas such as searching and accessing information sources and testing selected WIHIR developed software prototypes. This position is directly accountable to the Director of WIHIR, and works closely with the Managing Director to co-ordinate Institute and research activities.  Facing non-negotiable deadlines that are internal and external to WIHIR, and timely precision in accessing, collecting and providing data on short notice is crucial.



Providing support and continuity for WIHIR initiatives. Responsibilities include: administrative support, accounts management, budgeting and budget modeling, testing of research prototypes, grant application support, and liaison for guidelines and policies governing the university, research grants and contracts.

Managing WIHIR Partnerships, the Director’s Executive Industrial Research Chair, research accounts and associated fellowships and awards.

Coordinating federal and provincial grant and contract applications, addressing the criteria for all submissions.

Managing, accessing and maintaining WIHIR databases and other information resources.

Assisting with announcements, publicity and public relations.



Makes independent decisions regarding, but not limited to, the following:


Significant Internal Relationships

Significant External Relationships

Statistical Data

The incumbent is responsible for maintaining cumulative statistics for WIHIR for funding and research. The incumbent is furthermore responsible for drawing from this data to create funding reports, tables and graphs, for the purpose of submissions and/or presentations.

Specific Accountabilities

The ARA will act independently requiring little or no supervision. This position is accountable for the undertaking of administrative support, budget and account management. The ARA is faced with a multitude of tasks and deadlines, while continually maintaining tact, diplomacy and confidentiality surrounding all facets of the job.  A clear network of communication must be carried out with utmost professionalism to on/off campus origins, on behalf of WIHIR.

Working Conditions