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Graduate Studies Application Administrator and Systems Analyst

Department: Graduate Studies Office Effective Date: November 2010


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Manager, Graduate Admission System

General Accountability

The Graduate Application Administrator/ Systems Analyst reports to the Manager, Graduate Admission Systems for the various stages of graduate studies application processes.  The incumbent is responsible for all aspects of the application for graduate studies programs including design, electronic user instructions/communications, external and internal table setup, electronic data processing and data transfers, integrity and systems-related review, design for new data elements, testing and documentation, data reconciliation with OUAC and with UW Finance for application fee revenue.

The Administrator and Systems Analyst is responsible for establishing the on-line application for new programs and modifications for on-going programs.  The incumbent defines the implementation cycle with the academic department, analyzes and communicates data specifications and requirements to the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC). The Administrator is the primary liaison with administrative staff of the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) and participates in annual province-wide meetings for the Graduate Studies On-line Applications Working Group. 


The incumbent will apply their business area expertise to the analysis of computerized student information software as well as the development of business processes to accommodate the University’s requirement for policies and procedures for Graduate Studies applications.  The incumbent will take a leadership role in application-related systems development and provide a high degree of technical expertise as well as in-depth knowledge of the core tables and functionality of the PeopleSoft/Quest system in order to support the complex functional design and testing related to system customizations for OUAC.  The incumbent is responsible for overseeing scanning, importing, indexing and data transferring and other processes for  the Document Management System for admissions and related integration processes in Quest.

The Application Administrator/Systems Analyst is responsible for training and monitoring admissions work assigned to part-time staff.  The incumbent is charged with ensuring that deadlines are achieved and that the work completed meets the high degree of accuracy and quality assurance standards required by the University.

Nature and Scope

By 2017, the University of Waterloo plans to double the graduate student population. A high level of organization and management of program promotion and delivery of application and admission services is essential to our success. Leadership and collaboration on special projects and in day-to-day activities with academic administrators, staff in the GSO and other administrative units, and graduate students is key to meeting the goals identified in the UW Sixth Decade Report.  The GSO mission includes leadership and guidance for the development and promotion of new programs, the successful execution of recruitment, application and admission processes, and the delivery of excellent and timely services to prospective and current students, staff, external academic participants involved in the application evaluation processes and the administration of the University.  Between five and 10 new programs are implemented each year.  

The Graduate Studies Office provides academic service support for the University for a number of functions including the administration of graduate program appraisal and approval processes, graduate student recruitment, publications, on-line applicant, student and staff services, applications for admission, admission evaluation, recommendation and offer processes, course enrolment, graduate student financial assistance programs, award and scholarship programs, development and application of academic policies, academic records, theses, graduation, internal and external reporting, workshops and the Annual Graduate Student Research Conference.  The GSO services are utilized by graduate students, alumni, postdoctoral fellows, faculty members, UW administrators, external agencies, and prospective graduate students including UW undergraduate students.

The incumbent’s supervisor is the Manager, Graduate Studies Admission Systems.  The incumbent is part of the Admissions systems team led by the Manager, Graduate Admission Systems and works closely with developers in Information, Systems and Technology (IST) to identify priorities, design, test, and update systems and data requirements for production and upgrades. The incumbent is a member of the Graduate Admissions Project (GAP) Working Group.

The Application Administrator and Systems Analyst works closely with the GSO Admissions team led by the Associate Director, Graduate Studies Recruitment and Admissions.  The incumbent works closely with the Associate Director to design program specific requirements for the on-line application for admission and to establish application materials requirements for programs. 

The incumbent may be assigned special projects by the Manager, Graduate Admission Systems, or the Associate Director, Graduate Studies Recruitment and Admissions.

The incumbent must have knowledge and understanding of Senate Graduate and University regulations as documented in the Graduate Studies Calendar and the University of Waterloo Policies and Procedures, computer systems, administrative systems and graduate affairs to advise faculty, students, administrative, and academic departments.  The incumbent is responsible for maintaining confidentiality and security of applicant and student records.

The application and admission record management and systems are intricate and require complex integration of data and processes across three systems: OUAC, Quest, and the Document Management System (DMS).  Application and admission data are utilized for planning and reporting purposes by the Departments, Faculties, Graduate Studies Office, Enrolment Growth Working Group, Institutional Analysis and Planning, and external agencies.


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