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Computing Consultant in ITMS - Collaboration Technologies Specialist

Department: IST, in InstructionalTechnologies and Multimedia Services Effective Date: June, 2014

USG 11

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Director, ITMS

General Accountability

This position reports to the Director of ITMS. The Collaboration Technologies Specialist (CTS) is responsible for providing campus expertise and evolution of the infrastructure, maintenance, and support model of ITMS instructional services in the following areas: centrally managed video and web conferencing; investigation and implementation of new tools and services as identified with the Director; mobile device investigations primarily as applied to student computing. Delivery of services for instruction assumes the highest priority but the CTS will, as availability permits, support other activities, such as research, media relations and promotions.

Nature and Scope

ITMS is responsible for supporting people in their use of central teaching and learning facilities. Its mandate is to maintain and evolve those facilities, and to offer technical assistance and related services to help enhance course content and delivery, in the classroom and online. In this provisioning and support role, ITMS collaborates with related areas such as Centre for Extended Learning (CEL), the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE), and the Library. As workloads permit, ITMS supports applications of its services to other areas of the university outside the course and instruction areas.

Within this ITMS mandate, the CTS provides expertise to campus and evolves campus infrastructure and services in live collaboration tools and facilities. He/she advises and recommends models for support and services for technologies supporting learning and teaching directly to faculty, staff, and students. Priority is given to supporting course and other academic activities, such graduate thesis defenses. This includes consulting on use in classrooms and other collaboration rooms, instruction on how to use facilities and services. Advice and guidance on acquiring video and web conferencing systems and components is a significant aspect of the role. Other duties include projects to investigate new tools and services as requested by the Director. Work requires technical and project skills, from consulting and conceptualizing, to executing and delivery, to project completion, and leadership in this area

Statistical Data

Clients are University-wide and external, including instructors, academic programs, researchers, President’s office, students, staff (e.g., CEL, CTE, and Library), and special event coordinators for uWaterloo media (e.g., Marketing and Strategic Communications). Communications and delivery services  are depended upon for courses, graduate theses, seminars, live uW events, training, and other applications.

Specific Accountabilities

The CTS is responsible for key ITMS areas: video and web conferencing infrastructure, room design, equipment purchase, set-up, support, recordings and consulting;; streaming server; adopting new related instructional tools and services; will hire and supervise co-op students as needed and as budget permits. These areas include responsibility for the following activities.

Working Conditions

Work is often performed under time constraints and to deadlines for deliverables.  Most duties are performed at a workstation; however, it may be necessary to work at locations on and off campus. This may on occasion entail carrying and setting up equipment. Some activities occur outside the normal business hours of the University; there is an understanding that staff in this position are willing to accommodate, on an infrequent basis, such assignments.