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Computing Administrator

Department: School of Architecture Effective Date: May 1, 2007
Grade: USG 7 Reports to: General Manager of the School of Architecturer

General Accountability

Reporting to the General Manager of the School of Architecture, the Computing Administrator (CA) is responsible for the general operation of all computing labs and printing facilities at the School of Architecture in Cambridge. Located within the School of Architecture, the Computing Media (ACM) department oversees all aspects of daily computing and printing use.  Working with the System Manager and Multimedia Specialist, the CA will ensure that lab equipment and output services are functioning normally and workstations and peripherals are in good running order. The CA is also responsible for supervising all computing office operations and consulting services in Cambridge including financial accounting and budgeting for computing/printing services.

Nature and Scope

Located in the Galt City Centre of Cambridge Ontario (30 km south of the main campus), the School of Architecture offers a program leading to an accredited professional degree. The program has two components, a four year Honours Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS), and a one year professional Master of Architecture. The two degrees in combination constitute the professional program accredited by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board.


The CA will help to maintain a professional standard and promote the interests and quality of the School as related to computing, printing, and media areas. He/She will possess broad knowledge of the various activities and responsibilities of the School including the Musagetes Library, ACM, Workshop, Melville Café, and Cambridge Gallery.


The CA is responsible for supervising and directing casual staff and co-op students on various facility and/or office-related tasks and projects.  This position also supports 20 full-time Faculty, 20-30 adjunct appointees, 350 Honours BAS undergraduate students and 60 graduate students. In addition, the Administrative Assistant lends support to 7-10 staff members of the library and computing departments within the School’s facility.


The CA works with the System Manager and Multimedia Specialist in coordinating services delivered by ACM as well as maintaining significant internal and external relationships for the School of Architecture including but not limited to School of Architecture students, faculty and staff, Faculty of Engineering IT, Information Systems and Technology (IST), Watcard Office, Finance, Procurement and Contract Services, Human Resources, UW Graphics, UW Computer Store, Vendors as well as service representatives (Ricoh, Xerox, Cascades) and off-campus visitors. The incumbent provides support with administration, budget and financial management, human resources, and network services and coordination for the ACM department of the School of Architecture.

Statistical Data

The CA is responsible for managing an operational budget of $80,000.  He/she supervises a co-op position and 5-8 casual employees each term. He/she is accountable in supporting computing services for the entire School clientele (i.e.10 full-time staff, 400 students, 20 regular and approximately 25 adjunct faculty).  The CA also oversees 2 computing labs consisting of 40 computers, the Musagetes Library (10 computers), Administration (15 computers), and a wireless network supporting 200 computers.

Specific Accountabilities


The CA will administer computer and peripheral use of School’s computing/printing services negotiating maintenance/software agreements and license. He/she will oversee all computing equipment purchases, rentals, and loans for the school as well as computing space, equipment use, and scheduling. The CA manages and monitors their use of all department printers, photocopiers, large-scale plotters, and scanners – arranging respective printing accounts as well as service arrangement as required.


Each term, the CA liaises with Architecture Faculty to coordinate course/assignment requirements relating to printing and computing.  He/she will participate in staff meetings and other committees bringing matters and issues relating to computing to participants as required.  The CA will also research equipment (both present and proposed) to assess its practicality in meeting user needs and expectations. 


Budgeting and Financial Management:

The CA is responsible in managing all financial accounting records for ACM with full signing authority. He/she prepares budget and accounts reconciliation, travel advances, general ledgers, petty cash, and student accounts.  The CA also oversees the Watcard accounts providing technical support as required. 


Human Resources:

The CA manages payroll for casual staff.  He/she oversees the recruitment selection, training, supervision, work schedules, performance reviews, coaching and coordination of activities for all casual/part-time staff as well as co-op students for the ACM department.  He/she supervises the Helpdesk as well as monitors the vacation and flex-time schedule for the System Manager and Multimedia Specialist.  The incumbent is also responsible for providing training sessions on new software for staff, faculty, and students of the School of Architecture. 


Network Services and Co-ordination:

He/she is responsible for the operations of the general use computing labs and printing/plotting/large-scale scanning facilities, including software maintenance, Nexus accounts, application testing, user account permissions, network space and servers, user accounts, website, computer systems accounts, software imaging/rebuilds, ACE, and resource allocation for faculty, staff, and students.  In conjunction with the General Manager and System Manager, the CA will negotiate contract/grant projects.  He/she takes the lead in providing support for Macintosh and Windows with respect to software applications and computing/printing hardware required for main Administration, teaching labs, and the Musagetes Library. 

Working Conditions