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Manager, Architecture Computing and Media

Department: School of Architecture Effective Date: February, 2010
Grade: USG 11 Reports to: General Manager

General Accountability

Reporting to the General Manager, the Manager, Architecture Computing & Media (MACM) is responsible for the operation and management of the Architecture Computing and Media (ACM) Department located within the School of Architecture. He/she is responsible for the planning, procurement, and implementation of information technology systems and other communication services for the School of Architecture, Cambridge satellite campus .

The MACM is accountable for delivering IT systems to a user-base consisting primarily of students, faculty, and staff who utilize these systems for teaching, research, and administration. The spectrum of these systems encompasses in-house servers providing directory, file, print, and collaborative services, two student-use computer labs, staff workstations, network printers, POS systems, and networking hardware and infrastructure. The MACM is responsible for ensuring these services are available not only at the Cambridge campus, but also to faculty who largely operate remotely from studios and firms in the GTA, and to students studying at our campus in Rome, Italy. He/She will also extend support to the Musagetes branch of the UW Library.

The MACM is responsible for supervising the ACM department’s IT staff and for directing their daily activities.

Nature and Scope

Located in the Galt city centre of Cambridge Ontario (30km southwest of the main campus), the School of Architecture offers a program leading to an accredited professional degree. The program has two components, a four-year Honours Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS), and a one year professional Master of Architecture. The two degrees in combination constitute the professional program accredited by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board.

The MACM must deal with a facility located at some distance from the main UW campus and is expected to ensure that the daily operations of the ACM department meet the computing needs of the school’s academic, research and administrative activities. Some of these varied needs include: setup of limited access public workstations and of specialized fabrication equipment such as laser cutters or 3D printers, management of secure network shares ensuring proper access restrictions to confidential information, and consultation on research projects where specialized equipment is required to purchased and setup.

The MACM’s primary responsibility is to ensure that IT support is delivered to students, faculty and staff. He/she is expected to provide appropriate, dependable and timely services that reduce the levels of stress experienced by the students in what is acknowledged to be a very demanding intellectual and creative environment. He/she will also work with other departments on campus including campus centralized IT.

Due to the varying requirements of such a diverse client base, IT solutions must be carefully selected from UW centralized systems, custom built systems, and third party solutions. The MACM understands the general systems and ensures its stability.

He/She will supervise the work carried out in the ACM department, as well as provide technical expertise and leadership to the entire school. The MACM also liaises with a number of internal departments including Engineering Computing, Library Systems, IST, as well as external partners such as the City of Cambridge and other funding partners of the school.

Statistical Data

The MACM manager is responsible for a budget of approximately $200,000. He/she is responsible for managing and supporting computing services  for the entire School clientele (12 full-time staff, 19 regular and approximately 30 adjunct faculty, and 400 students). The MACM also manages 2 computing labs consisting of 40 computers, the Musagetes Library (17 computers), Administration staff (15 computers), a wired/wireless network infrastructure supporting 200+ computers, and 6 Servers providing essential services to the school’s users. The value of computing infrastructure is approximately $2 million)

Specific Accountabilities

In his/her highly client services focused environment. The MACM will be responsible for completely understanding each customer’s expectations, identifying the requirements to meet those expectations, managing the necessary vendor relationships, and reporting to the leadership of the department on a regular basis the status of each client project.

The MACM will supervise the interviewing and selection of IT support staff, and will provide technical training for the new computing support staff.

The MACM is a team leader who must work in a team environment to supervise, plan and delegate the activities of ACM staff. The MACM will prepare annual staff performance reviews of all ACM staff, direct the ACM staff’s daily work activities including professional development, and provide guidance to all ACM staff with respect to safety regulations, equipment technical specifications, website requirements, and computing suppliers and administration. He/she will prepare and present training seminars to Architecture faculty, staff and students.

The MACM will be responsible for the coordination of computing services for the School. He/She will work with faculty and staff members to determine individual computing requirements as well as specific requirements for proposed projects.

The MACM will institute and manage basic IT infrastructure systems including file services, data backup, archiving, electrical power backup, networking, telephony, disaster recovery, and asset auditing. Other specific accountabilities include:

Working Conditions