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Research Associate - IRC in Water Treatment

Department: Civil Engineering Effective Date: March 30, 2004
Grade: USG 12 Reports to: Chair

General Accountability

Under the general direction of the Chairholder, the incumbent will be responsible for all microbiological components of the Chair’s research program and for all aspects related to the routine operation of the Chair’s microbiology laboratory. It is expected that the person filling this position would direct or at least take a lead role in research projects in this area. Position responsibilities include the implementation of advanced test protocols and the development of new test protocols in addition to quality assurance/quality control aspects of methods in use. It is expected that any new methods that are developed will be published in the peer-reviewed literature. This position will normally oversee junior microbiologists and assist with the technical supervision of co-op and graduate students working in the microbiology area. The incumbent will be responsible for overall laboratory safety in a Level 2 laboratory including the acquisition of pathogen permits and enforcement of regulations associated with handling these organisms.

Nature and Scope

The NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Water Treatment is a multi-disciplinary undertaking directly involving several distinct major research foci, the direct participation of professional and technical staff and students and requiring close liaison with the industrial partners. In order for the Chair to function effectively and make a leading edge contribution, the Chairholder, while maintaining ultimate responsibility and scientific leadership, must be able to delegate significant supervisory/managerial responsibility to and receive substantial scientific input from, the incumbent of this position.

            Under the general direction of the Chairholder/Principal Investigator the incumbent must demonstrate the ability to perform all duties listed below. All responsibilities specified require either a major role or significant input from the incumbent with only minimal direct supervision. The incumbent must be able to function independently for extended periods of time and assume some duties usually associated with the Chairholder during his absence. In addition to the duties listed below it is expected that the individual possess the ability to adapt quickly and effectively to new challenges as they arise.

Statistical Data

The incumbent has signing authority on all accounts. Several projects with varying microbiological components are currently underway or will be in the near future. Projects which would be directly overseen by the Senior Microbiologist include:

Projects in which the Senior Microbiologist would be involved include:

Specific Accountabilities

The major end results expected of the individual filling this job are:

Working Conditions