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Supervisor, TH-SLC

Department: UW Food Services Effective Date: May, 2010


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Assistant Area Manager

General Accountability

Reporting to the Assistant Area Manager, the incumbent will assist in the management of TH-SLC coffee shop. Also the Supervisor may assist with supervision of other areas assigned by the Assistant Area Manager. The incumbent will have an Assistant Supervisor reporting to them. 

Nature and Scope

The Supervisor reports to the Assistant Area Manager, SLC.

The incumbent will direct the work of approximately 15 full-time unionized staff and 90 part-time hourly staff, many of which will be students.

Work through the Fall, Winter and Spring terms will predominantly be in the TH-SLC, some assignments may require the incumbent to work in other department areas that require a shift in their work schedule.


It is absolutely vital that the incumbent work with a high degree of professionalism and courtesy   when dealing with members, guests, staff and alumni. 

Through consultation, co-ordination and a close working relationship with the Assistant Area Manager, members of the UW Food Services management and administration teams, the Supervisor will support and protect the interests and policies of the department and the University of Waterloo.

Statistical Data

UW Food Services operates 19 outlets across campus and co-ordinates all administrative tasks through a centralized office. The Department’s budget is estimated at $16,000,000.00.  The two major expenses are food cost, $6,500,000 and wage benefits cost 7,200,000.


UW Food Services employs 98 full-time hourly paid staff, 35 full-time salaried staff and approximately 350 part-time hourly paid and full-time temporary staff.


The value of key performance indicators for the Supervisors responsibilities are estimated to be:

Specific Accountabilities

Overseeing all TH-SLC functions including determining staff needs and assignments, maintaining high customer service levels, monitor food quality and facility cleanliness and address general operational issues. Includes Cash handling and proper closing of the unit.


Assists the Assistant Area Manager with hiring, training, motivating and discipline of all full-time and part-time hourly staff.  Promotes student employment on campus.


Assists in the development of a balanced based budget for the operation.


Take corrective action with staff when needed or directed by the Assistant Area Manager.


Ensure all health, safety, sanitation and maintenance standards are met.

Assists the Assistant Area Manager with, staff scheduling, supply ordering, inventory control, cash controls and security of all storage and servery areas. Ensure proper turnover of food and material minimizing waste spoilage.


In close cooperation with the administrative office, and as directed by the Assistant Area Manager, handle a variety of tasks of an administrative nature.  This will include preparation of information for payroll, charge vouchers, cheque requests, invoices and other duties as assigned.


The incumbent must be able to balance the policies and procedures of the University of Waterloo with some consideration to those presented by Tim Horton’s and the TDL Group.


Must maintain a flexible schedule to facilitate daily operations and catered events as assigned


Performs other duties as assigned

Working Conditions