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WatCACE Director

Department: Vice President Academic and Provost Effective Date: May 1, 2011

USG 14

35 hr/wk


Reports to: Executive Director, CECA

General Accountability

Reporting to the Associate Provost, Resources, and the Associate Vice President, Academic Programs, the Director of WatCACE  [Waterloo Centre for the Advancement of Cooperative Education] has responsibility and accountability  for the various programs operated by the WatCACE office.


The Cooperative Education Council serves as an Advisory Board for the Director, and the Director provides an annual report, including goals and objectives, progress, and a business plan for the following year, to the Council.  As well, the Director attends

Council meetings for relevant agenda items.


Associate Members are appointed for WatCACE. The Director meets at least twice a year with Members as a group to refine goals and objectives, specific initiatives, and the annual business plan.

Nature and Scope

The University of Waterloo has the largest co-operative education program in the world, and this program is arguably one of the best.  The University's goal is to be a global leader related to cooperative education.  A key component of achieving that aspiration is to conduct research relative to innovations and enhancement of best practices both at Waterloo and around the world.


The primary focus of WatCACE is research and thought leadership related to cooperative education, but other forms of experiential learning also are studied. In terms of research, WatCACE provides funding to Waterloo faculty and staff, on a competitive basis, related to: (1) problems or opportunities for which Waterloo would like advice, and (2) problems or opportunities identified by researchers. In addition, the Director is expected to apply each year for external funding to support research activity focused upon cooperative education.


 To ensure that the results ofresearch conducted by WatCACE, or supported by WatCACE funding, are shared with the Waterloo community, WatCACE summarizes

research project findings on its website, and offers an annual research workshop series.  It also is expected that the Director will be the author or co-author of research articles focused on cooperative education, and participate in national and international conferences.


The Director participates in the Directors Roundtable, an annual meeting for directors of the largest cooperative education programs in Canada (Memorial, Ottawa, Sherbrooke, Simon Fraser, Waterloo) and the United States (Cincinnati, Drexel, Georgia Tech, Kettering, Northeastern,  Rochester).  The first meeting occurred in 2006, and meetings have occurred annually since then.  The purpose is to share ideas, information and practices.


The Director also participates in the Legacy Group which involves individuals in Canada and the United States with significant experience in cooperative education. The main purpose is to collect and preserve material related to the history of cooperative education, based on documentation and interviews, and make it available through the WatCACE website.

Statistical Data

The Director of WatCACE functions at arms' length from, but collaborates closely with, Cooperative Education and Career Services, the Waterloo Professional  Development Program and the Waterloo Professional Development Engineering Program.  In pursuing WatCACE activities, the Director normally hires co-op students each term to conduct background work related to various research projects.

Specific Accountabilities

The Director works 3 days a week for WatCACE.  The position will be a partial secondment for a specified period time.  In that role, the Director:


Working Conditions

The Director has an office in the Tatham Centre, and conducts and nurtures research on cooperative  education.