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Project Manager, CIHR Training Grant and CBRPE Training Coordinator

Department: CBRPE Effective Date: February 2, 2004
Grade: U10 Reports to: Director, Operations and Planning

General Accountability

The position reports to the Director, Operations and Planning. As Project Manager for the CIHR Training Grant, administered through CBRPE,  the incumbent will consult with the Executive Director who is the grant holder and chair of the leadership Policy and Planning Committee of the grant. The two additional members of the Committee are scientists at the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia. The incumbent will participate as a member of the overall leadership team for the grant. As Training Coordinator for CBRPE the incumbent will work closely with the CBRPE leadership team in the design, development and implementation of a national training and mentoring program to encourage postgraduate students, post doctoral fellows and faculty to participate more fully in sociobehavioural research, evaluation studies and knowledge transfer consistent with the CBRPE’s mission “To conduct high quality research and program evaluation that contributes to improved cancer prevention and care, at a population level, within Canada”. The incumbent will commit approximately 50% time to each of the two activities

Nature and Scope

CBRPE is funded by the National Cancer Institute of Canada (NCIC) with funds from the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS).  It was launched in 1993 and moved to the University of Waterloo in 1997.   In addition to core funding from the NCIC, CBRPE receives contracts and grants from Health Canada, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Social Services and Humanities Research Council, as well as other Foundations and granting agencies.   The annual core budget is approximately $2.2 million rising to $2.6 million by 2007, the final year of the current funding commitment   CBRPE holds approximately $5 million in externally funded research and evaluation grants and contracts, one of which is the CIHR Training Grant with a budget of approximately $1.8 million through March 31, 2008.

CBRPE has five Key Result Areas.   Research is supported through the Sociobehavioural Cancer Research Network (SCRN), which conducts multi-centre research projects and knowledge transfer activities across the country. SCRN is currently being integrated into CBRPE as a major component of its research area. In addition, research is conducted through independent operating grants secured by the Executive Director, Director of Evaluation Studies, CBRPE Scientists, Research Associates and Post Doctoral Fellows in peer reviewed competitive cycles from national or international granting agencies.  Evaluation Studies is another  major component of CBRPE’s work.  In addition to conducting evaluations for core CCS programs and services, evaluations of provincial, national and international cancer control initiatives may be undertaken from time to time.   CBRPE offers graduate and post-graduate training opportunities and exchange programs for visiting scholars and UW faculty and fosters linkages between researchers and decision makers together to ensure the translation of research results to inform decision-making and ensure our research and program evaluations have an impact on policy and programs

The complement of the Centre is made up of a leadership group consisting of the Executive Director, Director, Operations and Planning, Director, Research Development and Director, Evaluation Studies and, currently, 11 full time staff positions plus four research assistants on a part time or casual basis.

The vision of the CIHR Training Program in Tobacco Research - the Grant - is to firmly establish Canada as an international leader in (a) transdisciplinary tobacco control research, (b) development of mechanisms for translating research into practice, and ©) building the emerging science of population intervention. 17 graduate student fellowships were awarded in the 2003-04 year and 25 faculty mentors participate in the program. In addition 35 to 40 graduate students are invited to participate in an annual workshop and are linked by intercommunication

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

I. CIHR Training Grant:

In consultation with the Policy and Planning Committee:

The Project Manager will be assisted by a part time Administrative Assistant and will participate as a member of the overall leadership team for the Program.  

II CBRPE Training Coordinator:

The Training Coordinator will consult with members of the CBRPE leadership team and other appropriate staff and external advisors in carrying out the functional responsibilities.    

III Other duties as may be assigned.

Working Conditions