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Manager, Marketing and Communications


School of Accountancy and Finance

Effective Date: August, 2013

USG 10

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Director of the School of Accounting and Finance

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Director of the School of Accounting and Finance (School). The Manager, Marketing and Communication will demonstrate leadership with the goal of advancing the School’s strategic marketing and communication objectives as it pertains to recruitment of 4 undergraduate and 3 graduate programs and raising the profile of the SAF on a local, national and international level.

The Manager, Marketing and Communication is expected to function in a highly independent manner and has the following major responsibilities:


While the Manager will report to the Director of the School, much of his/her work will be self-directed in response to needs and requests of prospective students and their families, professional governing bodies, media, academic departments/schools and high schools. Within the Manager’s portfolio, projects will often overlap, and it will be the responsibility of the Manager to manage his/her time and priorities to ensure internal and external deadlines are met.

The Manager will report to the Administrative Officer of the School of Accounting and Finance regarding sickness, vacation, time-off and other administrative matters.

The role of the Manager, Marketing and Communications is complex in that its accountability varies depending on project or representation. In its recruitment marketing capacity the role spans 3 Faculties (Arts, Mathematics and Science) as 4 undergraduate programs fall under the School’s umbrella (Accounting and Financial Management (AFM), Computing and Financial Management (CFM), Mathematics and Chartered Accountancy (Math/CA), and Science Biotechnology and Chartered Accountancy (Biotech/CA)). Recruitment marketing for the Manager also encompasses 3 graduate programs under the SAF umbrella – Master of Accounting (MAcc), Master in Taxation (MTax), PhD.  In the marketing and communication capacity, the Manager is the primary media contact and provides advice and counsel for projects in collaboration with external stakeholders. This complexity in programming requires that the incumbent is proficient and knowledgeable in details pertaining to all 4 undergraduate and 3 graduate programs, as well as their home Faculties, in order to effectively market, communicate and recruit high-caliber students, as well as promote the School to internal and external stakeholders.

Nature and Scope

The School of Accouting and Finance is one of six professional schools with the Unviersity of Waterloo with approximately 1,500o undergraduate studets and sits within the largest Fculty of Waterloo with over 7,000 undergraduate students.  The marketing/recruitment team of the School serves a variety of individuals and audiences:  1500 undergraduate students in 4 different programs; 270 graduate students in 3 different programs; the Directors and Associate Directors of the School; other offices and areas of the University; a diversified group of prospective students and applicatns;accounting and fiance professional governing bodies; other educational institutions;and the community in general.  Specific accountability of the marketing/recruitment team include communications and publications; marketing for undergraduate and graduate recruitment; applicant counseling for the 4 undergraduate programs/ confidential counseling; transition and retention; and enrolment management.


The Manager’s responsibilities are wide ranging and team oriented. As such, the incumbent must maintain productive internal and external working relationships. The primary internal group would include the program Directors, faculty and staff of the School of Accounting and Finance; the Associate Dean Undergraduate Studies and the Recruitment Manager in the Faculty of Arts; the team in Marketing and Undergraduate Recruitment (MUR); staff in the Registrar’s Office (RO); faculty and college-based recruitment personnel, Creative Services, Communication and Public Affairs, and the Accounting and Finance Students Association.

Just as important are the external working relationships with professional designation bodies – Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario (ICAO), CA School of Business (CASB), Society of Management Accountants of Ontario (SMAO), CFA Institute, Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators (CICBV) – private sector partners, alumni, donors, external sponsors (BDO Canada LLP, Robert Half International, Deloitte LLP, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, KPMG LLP, Ernst & Young LLP, Sun Life Financial), and professional accounting and finance firms. 

In consultation with the Director, the Manager sets strategic direction for marketing, communications, and recruitment for the School and develops key messages for all communication initiatives. This position provides strategic advice and support to the Director and School as a whole on all marketing and communications-related needs plans and initiatives and serves as a resource for communications to the School as a whole. The Manager is responsible for promoting the School’s strategic direction and key communication messages at the University and external levels.

The Manager, Marketing and Communication provides advice and direction on issues related to planning, data, and all areas of communications for the School.  S/he must have an effective network of relationships with administrators, faculty and staff in various departments across the campus. Judgment and insight are critical since the Manager must be sensitive to the needs and interests of many other program areas, departments, units, and external stakeholders, often with competing objectives. Workload can be heavy with competing priorities. The Manager must balance demands and deadlines in all areas of responsibility while accommodating interruptions to deal with emergencies and pressing issues as they arise.  

The process of keeping the School’s programs fresh in target audiences’ minds hinges on our ability to showcase how the School of Accounting and Finance is a professional school offering programs that are distinct from those of our competitors. The Manager, Marketing and Communications in consultation with the AFM Admissions Committee, current research, Creative Services, and MUR, will develop client-focused print and electronic strategies that will be targeted at the various stages of the enrolment management funnel.


The School of Accounting and Finance offers Masters (accounting and taxation), and PhD academic programs. On average there are 600 applications per year for these programs and the admission figures are as follows: MAcc 196, MTax 35, PhD 4. In total there are approximately 235 students enrolled in 3 graduate programs.


The School of Accounting and Finance also offers a four-year undergraduate program and on average receives more than 3,000 applicants, with the SAF’s signature program, Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) drawing approximately 2,750 applicants per year. The annual admissions are approximately 410 accounting and finance students (300 Arts, 55 Mathematics, 10 Science, and 45 CFM).  In total there are approximately 1,500 students enrolled in 4 undergraduate programs.


The School embodies a large and varied mix of operating, research, trust and endowment funding, including five Centres:


The Centre for Accounting Research and Education (CARE), the Centre for Advanced Studies in Finance (CASF), The Deloitte Centre for Tax Education and Research, The UW Centre for Information Integrity and Information Systems Assurance (CISA), and The Centre for Accounting Ethics (CAE), as well as two Chairs, four Professorships and one Fellowship. 


There are 18 support staff positions and 43 faculty members in the School. Faculty members are highly professional, very research oriented, and maintain close ties with professional accounting and finance professional bodies and firms throughout the province.

To reflect these goals the Manager must be a strategic thinker and possess proven ability in developing and executing marketing and communication strategies in a highly professional manner. The Manager must possess direct experience in integrating marketing and communication strategies. Further, the Manager must have the ability to integrate new and traditional technologies and tools to deliver strategic, tactical and day-to-day marketing and communication initiatives.

Annual budget:                  $70 000 (recruitment and liaison only)

Authority:                          Sign-off authority to purchase consulting and marketing services, publications, outreach pieces and media ads

Staff:                               Supervise 1direct report (recruitment assistant and webmaster), and casual employees, ie Editor of AccNews, and 1 to 3 co-op students per term


Significant Internal Contacts:

School of Accounting and Finance

Arts Undergraduate Office

Mature Student Services Office

Math Undergraduate Office

Science Undergraduate Office

David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science

Registrar's Office

Marketing and Undergraduate Recruitment

Creative Services

Communications and Public Affairs

Office of VP External Relations

All Waterloo Faculties


Office of Development and Alumni Affairs

Office of Research Ethics


Significant External Contacts:

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario

Society of Management Accountants of Ontario

CA School of Business

Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators

Secondary School Teachers

Secondary School Guidance Counselors

National and non-national accounting firms






Statistical Data

Undergraduate programs, Fall 2011

AFM Ugrad Admissions Target: 300 (85 – AFM-PA, 215 – AFM-FM)

CFM Ugrad Admissions Target: 45

Math/CA Ugrad Admissions Target: 55

Biotech/CA Ugrad Admissions Target: 10

First-year Actual Enrolment – Fall 2010: 394

Total Undergraduate Enrolment: 1,500

Total Graduate Enrolment: 269

Total Faculty Members: 41

Total Staff Members: 23

Total Alumni to date: 5,412

Specific Accountabilities

School Marketing



Undergraduate Student Recruitment



Web Management


Working Conditions