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Space Research Manager

Department: Kinesiology Effective Date: October, 2009
Grade: USG 10 Reports to: Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

General Accountability

In order for the Principal Investigator (PI), Richard Hughson, to function effectively and make a leading edge contribution, the PI, while maintaining ultimate responsibility and scientific leadership, must be able to delegate significant managerial responsibility to and receive substantial scientific input from, the incumbent of this position. The assemblage of grants and contracts awarded to Dr. Hughson currently include four Canadian Space Agency contracts, one CIHR, one National Research Council and an NSERC operating grant. These involve several distinct major research foci requiring close liaison with professional and technical staff, students, and the space agency partners.

Nature and Scope

In general…


With respect to money


As a science resource…


With respect to Canadian Space Agency Projects…

Although the PI retains ultimate scientific responsibility, it is expected that the incumbent will demonstrate scientific initiative and participate fully as:


The incumbent will also:

Statistical Data

Our research lab in Waterloo provides the single point of reference for all science planning, science scheduling and data archiving for this program that has received direct funding from CSA totaling more than $2.4M, with associated cost contribution from the Canadian, European and American Space Agencies (CSA, ESA and NASA) in excess of $10M. Furthermore, the incumbent supports and oversees the direct expenditure of all funds in the laboratory that have exceeded $4M since 2004. 


Personnel reporting directly to the incumbent position currently consist of 9 graduate students, 1 post-doc (to be hired), and functional supervision of staff members. The incumbent is also responsible for supervising project activities and interacting with the entire Canadian Space Agency Projects group which consists of 8 professors (KS, RH, AB, PA, MAC, JR, RG, DH) from 7 different universities and 2 different countries, 5 Lockheed Martin NASA contractors, 2 Boeing NASA contractors, 1 Teledyne Brown engineer, 3 Canadian Space Agency Mission Scientists.


The position provides a service to the Agency Partners through primary liaison with the Life and Physical Space Sciences Department at CSA and NASA Contractors (Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Teledyne Brown) to schedule spacecraft science operations and data receipt, primary processing, archiving and distribution to participating members of the Projects team. This position is subject to contracted funding.

Specific Accountabilities

The incumbent is expected to have a high level of technical expertise, with a strong background in Biology, Human Anatomy and Cardiovascular Physiology. S(he) must be highly qualified by training and experience to undertake the responsibilities of this position. S(he) must:


Working Conditions

Time on the job is divided between administrative support, clinical laboratory testing and travel. The office work portion is spent sitting and standing in a comfortable position using a laptop and desktop computer as well as completing hardcopy paperwork. The lab work is variable but may involve long hours standing, sitting, crouching, stooping and kneeling for ultrasound imaging, blood sampling, hooking human subjects to e.g. heart rate monitors, troubleshooting electronic equipment including cables, wires, fuses, capacitors etc. Travelling time is typically spent on airplanes, in cars and on trains.